What To Buy At Hamilton’s Craftadian Show

Craftadian Show Made In Hamilton August 2016

Craftadian Show Made In Hamilton August 2016

I was lucky enough to try out some products from two of the vendors at the upcoming Craftadian Hand Made in Hamilton show happening Saturday at McMaster Innovation Park but thought I would share some of the items I will be checking out.

Craftadian Wild Heather Tea Co

Image: Wild Heather Tea Co via Instagram

You already know that I loved the products I tested from both Kitties and Cabernet and HollyBerry Natural Skin & Body Care but there were some other vendors who caught my attention too.  The first is obviously Wild Heather Tea Co.  I have bought her teas before at various shows or local stores and reviewed her amazing Belgian Chocolate Rooibos here.  Not surprising that tea will be first on my list but worth mentioning for those not aware of Heather.

Craftadian The Kinder Way Cosmetics

Image: The Kinder Way Cosmetics via Etsy

Also on my list to check out is The Kinder Way Cosmetics because cocoa face masks must be done!  All products from them are made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, synthetics or chemicals – just good stuff along with yummy scents like cocoa or citrus. They are handmade in small batches and packaged in recyclable and reusable glass bottles and jars.

Inviting Press Unicorn Makeup Bag Craftadian

Image: via InvitingPress.ca

The Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network have a facebook group for members.  It is like fight club, what happens in the network stays in the network but I think they will forgive me for saying way too many of us are slightly obsessed with unicorns.  It is not that big a secret, we probably mention them everywhere else too.  So this makeup bag from Inviting Press immediately caught my attention. It is perfect for all of us.  Except, we all have too much makeup and would need 10 of them but hey, first world problems.  We could also get the cute one with the fox.  Side Note, they also make the cutest cards and wedding invitations which is actually what they are best known for, but UNICORNS!

craftadian pink and print

Speaking of cute cards, Jaime from Kitties and Cabernet recommended I try Pink & Print and OMG so cute.  I love these cards because they have things I would actually say instead of those soppy or trying to hard to be funny cards in stores.  I know so many people I could send “congrats on not killing each other” anniversary cards to.  They have so many other cute cards too like “congrats on doing stuff”.  That being said, there are a few vendors with adorable cards and I will be checking them all out.

spiffy naturals craftadian

Image: Spiffy Naturals via Twitter

Spiffy Naturals are a company I have followed on social media for a while but never tried.  So they are also on the list to check out while at Craftadian this Saturday.  I have heard amazing things about their lemon laundry soap and while I do not usually blog about cleaning supplies, so many people mention them to me that I needed to share it with you too!

Lemon Lane Craftadian

Image: Lemon Lane via Instagram

Lemon Lane is one I really want to check out but probably won’t buy anything because Jazz has no sense of danger and will sniff candle flames and poof go the whiskers.  We have been really lucky with our other cats, Roo will sit mesmerized by flames but a couple of feet away and the others just have never been bothered by them, but Jazz is “special” in so many ways.  I might treat myself to some Tea Flower Soy Wax Melts though.

I am sure many more will catch my eye once at the Craftadian Show.  If you want to pick up any of these, the show is being held on Saturday 27th August at McMaster Innovation Park.  Tickets are just $3 and many of the vendors will have special offers to offset the ticket price.  It starts at 11am and there are swagbags for the first people through the door!

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