Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Nail Polish Swatches

essence good girl bad girl nail polish collection

While I already posted the two sets of polishes with duplicate names from the Essence Good Girl Bad Girl, Hello Sweetheart and Once I Was An Angel, there are four more polishes in this collection.  These polishes all have different effects so none are plain old creme polishes.

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Nail Polish Collection

It Wasn’t Me is a glitter effect, Who Am I? is a porcelain effect, Caught In The Middle is a leather effect and Good Girls Wear Peach is a sugar pearl effect.  While the other polishes shared their name with another effect polish from the collection, most of these share their name with cosmetics from the collection.

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl It Wasn’t Me

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl It Wasnt Me bottle Pic

Essence It Wasn't Me Swatch Essence Good Girl Bad Girl  Collection

Starting with my favourite of the Good Girl bad Girl collection, It Wasn’t Me reminds me of the denim effect polishes that I fell in love with a few years ago.  This dark purple glitter effect polish (there is a lipstick in the collection by the same name) is beautiful and my photo does not do the glitter justice.  It is sparkly and has purple and blue glitter.  It is similar in texture to a Zoya Pixie Dust or Sand polish, so if you hate texture, use a lot of top coat  Personally prefer how it looks without topcoat.

Dry time is excellent and coverage is great.  It was a little patchy as a single coat, but a thick single coat may work.  Shown above with two coats and no topcoat.

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Who Am I?

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Who Am I Bottle Pic

Essence Who Am I Porcelain Effect Swatch Essence Good Girl Bad Girl  Collection

Next up the Good Girl Bad Girl collection is Who Am I? A Porcelain effect polish in a slightly pink shimmer in a pale white-nude pearl polish.  The pink shimmer is almost invisible on the nail but makes this otherwise blah polish really wearable. Shown with two coats above, you can still see my nail line.

I really did not expect to like this, but since I was buying the other 7 polishes, I picked it up anyway.  I find it quite wearable and a nice pale base without using white for nail art.  It dries quickly with no major visible brush strokes but you probably do need 3 coats for full opacity.

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Caught In The Middle

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Caught In The Middle

Essence Caught In The Middle Swatch Essence Good Girl Bad Girl  Collection

Essence Caught In The Middle Swatch Essence Good Girl Bad Girl  Collection

Good Girl Bad Girl’s Caught In The Middle was probably my favourite in the bottle.  Advertised as a leather effect polish, this black almost jelly based polish has a load of chunky gold, blue, purple and green toned glitter.

I am not really sure how it is supposed to look like leather, but then Essence “effects” are rarely completely true to their name.  It is a little too chunky though and difficult to apply evenly.  The base is fairly concentrated but shown with 3 coats above for full opacity.  I have seen others do two coats over a black base and it looks much better and is not as chunky on the nail.  The dry time, due to the 3 coats, is terrible and it does not wear well, I lost a large piece of it on my middle finger while sleeping so I wouldn’t wear it to anything where you worry about chips in your polish.

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Good Girls Wear Peach

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Good Girls Wear Peach Bottle Pic

Essence Good Girls Wear Peach Swatch Essence Good Girl Bad Girl  Collection

Essence Good Girls Wear Peach Swatch Essence Good Girl Bad Girl  Collection

Another one I was not 100% in love with in the bottle but it has a nice look on the nail.  Good Girls Wear Peach (and yes they named a blush in the collection the same name) is a sugar pearl effect.  It is a peach toned pearl effect polish with gold glitter.  The glitter is noticeable but not overly chunky like Caught in the Middle and evens out with topcoat.  Great dry time and wore for three days without chipping, which for me is excellent, especially for a cheaper polish.

So after all of that, which of the collection is your favourite?


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