Super Easy Halloween Nail Art: Bloody Nails

Essie Silk Watercolors Bloody Nails Nailart

Another easy nail art look that even beginners to nail art can do!  This time bloody nails.  For this nail art look, I used Essie Silk Watercolors in White Page and Highest Bidder.  Use any white and red(ish) polish, but you want your red polish to run easily and not be glittery.  A jelly polish with decent opacity is best as it gets thinner like blood would when running.

Essie Silk Watercolors Bloody Nails Nailart Packaging

I know, I realized when posting that they are back in the box in the wrong order.  White Page is (obviously) white.  It does not have the best opacity and I have other whites I will use before it, but it was with Highest Bidder and I am lazy like that.  Highest Bidder is a pink-red jelly polish.  I thought these would run a little more than they do thinking watercolors but they are regular jelly polishes with better opacity.

If you wanted to know, Pen & Inky is the green and Point of Blue is the blue, both great colours!  I will share my copycat floral nail art with this set some time!

Paint your nails white and let them dry completely.  Then place large wet dots of your red at the tips and allow it to run down the nails.  Then use less polish to dot between the bigger now running polish to join them up so they really look like bloody nails with blood all the way across.  Since the red polish will be bumpy, you need to let it dry completely which will take a while as it is not a regular coat of polish but much thicker.

Essie Silk Watercolors Bloody Nails Nailart Jazz 2

Essie Silk Watercolors Bloody Nails Nailart Jazz

In other words, it is a bad idea to let your kitten photobomb and chew on your still wet nails…  I guess Jazzy wanted to bring some realism to my bloody nail art look with some bites?

Want anther easy Halloween nail art look?  Check out my candy corn nail art here.

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