Help Women Beat The Cancer Blues With #WinkDay

WinkDay Selfie - Help Beat The Cancer Blues

WinkDay Selfies To Help Women Beat The Cancer Blues

If you have someone in your life who has gone through cancer, you know that the emotional toll can be as hard on them as the physical toll from illness and treatment.  #WinkDay is a promotion by Beauty Gives Back, the charitable arm of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation to treat the emotional fallout from cancer by helping women feel better about themselves.

Today, June 18th, wear blue eyeliner/eye shadow to colour your eyes blue in support of women going through the emotional trauma of the cancer blues.  If you share a selfie tagged with #winkday, Beauty Gives Back will donate another $5 towards Look Good Feel Better and other programs to help women suffering through cancer.

Look Good Feel Better holds two hour workshops to help women take control of how they look and feel during cancer treatments.  Living fairly close to the Juravinski Cancer Care Centre, Look Good Feel Better are fairly active and well known in my community.  They were recently featured on the local news.  While I knew they helped women with skincare, wig styling and makeup tips, I was surprised by some of the ways women had been helped.  Some said that just being somewhere with women going through the same thing helped them open up about the emotional trauma. They had things they did not want to bother their busy doctors with and could not talk to their families about as they were trying to remain brave.  They found friends, support and people who understood them at the sessions.  Plus, they get makeup tips and more.  Who doesn’t want to play with makeup (or is that just me?)

Just some of the things they cover during a two hour free Look Good Feel Better workshop:

  • Skincare: keeping your skin healthy during treatment including sun protection and how to deal with changes in your skin as a result of treatment
  • Makeup: Evening out complexion, hiding paleness, redefining your eyes when you lose your eyebrows/lashes
  • Hygiene: When to throw out makeup that could have bacteria that causes illness with your weakened immune system, extra precautions to keep infections at bay during nail treatments etc
  • Hair loss: preparing for hair loss, selecting and styling wigs, scarf tips and choosing hats

So go put on some blue makeup (it doesn’t have to be 80s type blue) and share a #winkday selfie to help a great cause!  I can’t wait to see your blue makeup looks.

If you support the work of Beauty Gives Back, choose cosmetics from member companies!  You can see a list of members of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association here.  Some are the owner company rather than the brand name, so you may have to do some digging.

Essence 3D Blue Makeup for #WinkDay

I am wearing Essence’s blue 3D eyeshadow, using the darker blue as an eyeliner and blended out to the lighter blue.  Essence is listed under their parent company, CosNova on the list, so while my selfie helped raise money, Essence’s membership does too!

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  1. If I had blue makeup, I’d do this. What a fun way to raise money for this great program!

  2. I wish there would be a program to actually help the cancer patients! Like myself, that tried suicide, and still couldn’t get a psychiatrist. I’m lucky if I shower and brush my teeth, let alone do makeup for fun 🙁 Thank god for my loving husband, who keeps getting hardship from work for wanting to take care of me. Cancer blues affects the family, not just the patient.

  3. I never heard about Wink Day until I read your blog. Thank you for bringing awareness to this cause. ❤

  4. What a great program.

  5. I think this is such a creative way to raise awareness!

  6. I love that blue shadow. Its truly adorable. and such a great way to raise awareness

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