P&G My Canadian Essentials BzzAgent Review

P&G My Canadian Essentials Beauty Items

I was recently sent a huge box of P&G My Canadian Essentials packs by BzzAgent to share with new Canadians.  The packs were welcomed by the new Canadians I met at a local community centre along with the coupons included.  I thought I would give you a peek of what P&G included for new Canadians to try out before buying.

I remember the pain of finding brands that worked for me after moving to Canada.  Some have the same brand names but are not the same item you find back home.  Others there is just nothing the same, so it was great to have a booklet included from P&G giving people alternatives to their tried and tested products from back home.  Imagine moving and not knowing which brands work for you, everything from feminine hygiene products and beauty products to cleaning suppliesP&G My Canadian Essentials Brands

P&G have special websites with this information at P&G South Asian or P&G Chinese.  Hopefully more will come for other countries as it can make a huge impact on your life as a new Canadian.  You can waste a lot of money testing products that do not work for you – money that many new immigrants do not have after paying to move, new accommodation and all of the other small things you need because you can’t move with them.

PG-Canadian-Essentials-CleaningP&G My Canadian Essentials: What’s In The Box?


  • Pantene Sheer Volume shampoo & conditioner
  • Olay Ultra Moisture bodywash
  • Olay Regenerist Luminous tone perfecting moisturizing cream
  • Old Spice Fiji bodywash
  • Old Spice Swagger 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner
  • Swiffer Duster
  • Tide Pods sample
  • Mr Clean Extra Power Magic Eraser

I have used most of these before, but usually buy the regular Magic Erasers .  I was really surprised by the cleaning power of the Extra Power Magic Eraser.  After hearing about its cleaning power from one of the people I shared the P&G My Canadian Essentials packs with, I used it to clean around my windows and they are really white again.  I had been thinking of repainting them as they were just not white anymore no matter how much I cleaned.

Which P&G products do you use?

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  1. Great selection of items! I have never thought of finding new products to use when coming to Canada; but that makes perfect sense..

  2. Allison Whitmore says: Reply

    What a great way to help new Canadians settle in!

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