GlamST Revisited – New Makeup & Styles


We previously blogged about GlamST, a virtual makeover site, and they listened to the comments about the downsides of the site.

New GlamST Eyeshadow Styles

glamst-eyeshadowThey have now added lots of eyeshadow styles so you can try more than one colour at a time.  This will help you blend new colours with your current ones or see what the full pallette looks like when used as recommended for a great smokey eye etc.

You can still choose to choose just one colour and reduce or increase the amount of the colours for each style to see what it looks like when used lightly or heavily.  Just use the slider to the left of the colours to change the amount that you want to use.  By default it uses a medium amount of makeup for all styles.

Want some ideas?  Add some makeup and hit the looks button at the top and they will show you similar looks that others have tried on too.

New GlamST Eyeliner Styles

glamst-mascaraMore exciting for me is the new eyeliner styles, since I rarely wear eyeliner as a thick winged line as they originally offered.  They now offer different eyeliner styles for both the upper and lower eye and with more usuable styles for daily use so you can see what your makeup will really look like.

I did need to readjust the dots on my eyes to use the new eyeshadow styles as I had changed it when using the thicker winged eyeliner to make it less noticeable so you may get a better look by playing with those too.

Click here to try out the new styles on GlamST’s virtual makeover site.

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