A Tale Of Two Eves

Eve Dallas and Eve Duncan books

I love reading, I read a few books a week on my commute to and from Toronto and some before bed reading.   I have read every book in both of these series but only today did it dawn on me that both of the main characters are called Eve.

Eve Dallas – In Death Series by JD Robb

I love this series, I set alerts for the next releases so I can pre-order them because I can’t bear the thought of someone spoiling them for me.  The series is set in the 2060s with some technology I would die for, although the history they talk of to get there, like the Urban Wars, can be skipped.  I mean stepping into the shower and telling it the exact temperature then stepping out into a drying tube – heaven!  Although Eve has issues with technology and even the vending machines hate her.  Eve Dallas was abused as a child which led her to become a cop and later running homicide (hence the In Death of the books as each one centres around a murder.  Eve lives the job and has little time for anything outside it until she meets gazillionaire Roarke, a suspect in one of the books, and falls in love despite them being so different.  Some of my favourite parts of the books are where she gets all stressed out over the differences in their lives, for example, she uses his box seats as bribes with no issues but when he tries to give her access to money she freaks out and would rather live with no money at all.  JD Robb is a pseudonym for author Nora Roberts so there are some steamy scenes to enjoy as well as the mystery of the murder investigation.  Find out more about the series here.

Eve Duncan Series by Iris Johansen

Like Eve Dallas, Eve Duncan is shaped by her early life.  She lived in the Atlanta projects and despite working hard to get out of there, got pregnant as a teen and decided to keep her daughter, Bonnie, who was killed as a child by an unknown killed.  The books centre around her search to find her daughter’s body and hopefully killer while becoming one of the world’s foremost forensic sculptors and tries to bring closure to other parents who have lost their children.  After she manages to find Bonnie late in the series, the story turns to centre around other characters.  It does not have quite the same hold for me and with the latest trilogy, I found myself kind of hoping that Eve would be killed off as the name of the books suggested.  The story has gotten to be more about ghosts than search for her daughter and the crime around the skull she is reconstructing.  I do love the character of her partner Joe, an ex Seal and current cop who seems to be able to drop his work at a second’s notice to take of with Eve on whatever mess she has got herself into.  Joe came into her life while investigating the death of Bonnie and they later adopt a daughter who they find on the streets during a case.  Find out more about the series here.

If you are into crime fiction/mysteries I highly recommend both series, they are definitely some of my favourites.

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    they sound like a good read.

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    thanks for the review!! they both sound very interesting!

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