My Kobo Love Affair & A Fond Farewell To Actual Books

kobo ereader vs real books

When e-readers first came out, I was heavily against having one.  I love reading and often read two books a week (I know, you can tell I don’t have children when I have time to read).  Christmas was coming up and my boyfriend asked would I like one because I kill forests with my reading habits and I growled at him, flipped my hair and whined about the feel of books in my hand, the smell of a book, how you can’t cuddle up with an electronic – how wrong I was.  Fast forward to last summer and Chapters had a sale on the Kobo Arc, I didn’t so much want an e-reader but a simple tablet for working on the go.  I wanted a Nexus7 but had a Chapters gift card so that will do right?

So I charged it up and the first thing that pops up on the screen is an offer for 70% off an e-book.   Sure I love the feel of a book in my hand, but I am a frugalista and it is 70% off and included a set of books I wanted as one purchase.  If I bought them in store it would cost me over $100, I got them for $35 and used ebates so got money back – can’t beat that.  So now I had eight books to read, it would keep me busy for a while.  I thought I would read slower on my Kobo because I was reading on a screen but soon I was reading them as fast as a normal book – and no more bulky books in my purse!

Now, I can’t live without it, I use it for games, reading, work even this blog!  I have my social media accounts and Candy Crush (I could do without that addiction) and google remembers what I search for and gives me updates on those topics.  I have also saved money using it, I can borrow library books which I never did because I don’t want to keep going back to drop them off, instead of buying the hardbacks from my favourite authors the day they  release new books, I get an e-copy which is much cheaper and I installed the Kindle app so I can take advantage of the many free books offered for Kindle too.

Now when I have a book in my hands it feels so bulky, so wrong.   I mean, I have to actually turn the page because just tapping the side of the page doesn’t work!  So I guess my Kobo has ended my lifelong love of the feel of books but increased my love of books, I have access to so many books I can’t get locally without special order.  I have reread some of my childhood favourites which I would likely not have paid to read again.  Plus I really can curl up with an e-reader, I can even have it read to me!

My dearest Kobo, I can’t imagine life without you.  Books, I still love you but those forests will live another day now.

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9 Replies to “My Kobo Love Affair & A Fond Farewell To Actual Books”

  1. What an interesting topic. I am still “reading” books, but someday I might get a Kobo Reader! 🙂

  2. hmmm, I had the same attitude toward ereaders as you did — but you’ve given me food for thought – perhaps I’ll try one eventually.

  3. I am not a huge reader of books but when I do, I like it in book form. I do think it will be a thing of the past because even my sons school has them reading books off the computer. I do think that theres nothing like a book in your hands!

  4. I love to read too. We should compare favourites sometime. I had a Kobo and I swapped it for something else. Now I’m wondering if that was a mistake.
    I do like the idea if not having bulky books in my purse.

  5. Interesting !! Because I still have that love-hate relationship towards the Kobo. If I love a book so so much, I feel like I want the real thing to keep on my shelf and flip through the pages and marvel at. So I tend to borrow books on my Kobo for use when I travel and such. Because you just can’t beat the size and weight of a Kobo carrying 5 books, compared to 5 books in your carry-on !!!

  6. I bought a Kobo too and love it! When I try to go back to a paper book it feels heavy and weird! Lol!

  7. I haven’t switched over YET … but is it ever tempting when I read something like this!! hmmmmm

  8. I still haven’t made the switch. There’s something about flipping through paper books that is so integral to the experience of reading for me, that I don’t want to go digital.

  9. Great topic! I love reading books but haven’t switched, I’m tempted though now.

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