Harry’s (Shaving Items) Now In Canada


Last year a new company called Harry’s opened up and advertised a new referral special to get new customers interested.  Since one of the founders is Jeff Raider of Warby Parker, it seemed legitimate and many of us took part to be disappointed when shipping issues meant they could not yet include Canada.  Flash forward to this week and I get an email saying they will be shipping in Canada now and the coupon code sent to me is still valid!  So I ordered the beautiful Winston kit pictured above for my boyfriend.  At $25 with three cartridges it is not all that more expensive than the regular brands (and they have a Canadian design called the Maple for $15).

The razor handle is beautifully designed, an understated elegance to it missing in many of the ones in the same price range, I have to agree with a review I read that called it the iPhone of razors, it doesn’t look like it has all the bells and whistles but works as if it does.    However where Harry’s really shines is their blades.  I promptly told my boyfriend that he looked like a caveman and to use this nice expensive razor I bought him (cough – he doesn’t need to know we didn’t pay for it).  The cartridges are five blades with a lubrication strip and those little rubbed fins at the bottom to raise the hairs.  The blades seem sharper than those we are used to, likely a product of the Gothic Arch design of the blades.

The most amazing thing about the blade cartridges however is the price.  You can buy a pack of 16 for just $25, $1.56 per cartridge (they come in smaller packs too: 4pk $8, 8pk $15, and 12pk $20 but the larger pack is more economical).   Compare this to the regular price of say Gillette ProGlide and you have a real winner at Harry’s.

Click here to check out Harry’s.  Shipping is free in the US but $6 with any order in Canada.

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