Mani Monday With Workaday Beauty

Hello lovely Tea & Nail Polish readers, Sarah from Workaday Beauty here. Eithne was looking for some guest posters, and we both share a love of nail polish (and tea), so I thought I’d send a simple nail art look to help her out. It’s almost summer lately here in BC, and that has me […]

Makeup Shakeup by Up The Rollercoaster

makeup shakeup by up the roller coaster lighter makeup for spring/summer

Hi everyone! I’m Jodi and I write beauty and tea reviews on Up the Rollercoaster. Eithne has done so many guest posts for me in the past that I thought it was about time I returned the favour while she is moving. Now that we’re deep into spring, I am really feeling the light makeup. […]

Retro Peacock Nail Art – Guest Post by The Lazy Laquerista

Lazy Laquerista Peacock Nails header

Hello Tea & Nail Polish readers, A couple months ago Eithne was kind enough to visit over me over on The Lazy Laquerista with an awesome smokey nail art look.  Now it’s my turn to return the favor with a retro peacock design. I started with a base of Trust Fund Beauty K, Bye plus […]

Smoke & Mirrors Nail Art (Guest Post)

Smoke and Mirrors Nail Art - Shares

I am guest posting over on The Lazy Laquerista today! I love those cutesy “holidays” that are completely made up yet seem to have a specific day, so when Michelle was looking for guest posts for this week, I consulted the cute holidays calendars to find a theme only to find that March 29th is […]