Bioderma Hydration Discovery Kit

Bioderma Hydrating Discovery Kit

As I mentioned recently, Bioderma has two discovery kits available at the moment that I have been mixing and matching to suit my skincare needs.  While many multi-mask, I multi cleanse, tone and moisturize!  Like the Flawless Skin Discovery Kit, the Bioderma Hydration Discovery Kit has three generous sample size products to help you decide […]

Bioderma Sebium Flawless Skin Discovery Kits

Bioderma Sebium Discovery - Step 1 Purifying Cleansing Micelle Solution

As winter approaches, my skin suffers even more.  My combination skin just hates winter.  The dry areas get worse and all the added product to combat the dryness doesn’t help the oily areas.  I have been trying out new products in the hope that I can find something that works, and Bioderma Sebium might just […]