A Life Update

You have probably noticed that over the past few months,  I have not been posting as much as I used to, and barely any posts at all recently.  I am not sure if this post is more for me or you since I don’t think I have said this all out loud.  Is writing even out loud?  Anyway.  Life has been a mess over the past 6 months or so and while my blog is important to me, just too[Read more]

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018


I am not one for thinking that life can change just because some random day means the end of the calendar year.  But good riddance to 2017 and hopefully 2018 will be better.  For those who tried to visit over the last week or so, apologies for the technical difficulties.  I didn’t have the access I needed to fix the error while not an actual computer which decided to stop working a few weeks ago.  But all looks to be[Read more]