Demeter Foolproof Blending Trio – Vanilla Base Notes

Demeter Gingerbread Scent Trio

Demeter Gingerbread Vanilla Scent Foolproof Blending Trio

I recently tried out one of the Foolproof Blending Duos from Demeter as part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers.  While my Summer Skin scent was delicious smelling, it seemed to be missing some depth.  Demeter also has a collection of Foolproof Blending Trio sets to help you find perfect base notes, middle notes and top notes to mix your custom scents.

Demeter Blending Pyramid - Foolproof Blending Trio

Demeter’s fragrance blending pyramid to help you on your custom blending journey but they also have Foolproof Blending Trio sets with base notes, middle notes or top notes to guide you too.  While my Summer Skin is light and perfect for that barely there scent, they are both mostly top notes and do not have the depth I found with the trio of Paperback, Espresso and Lemon Meringue that I had previously tried from Demeter.

Demeter fragrances are single notes, which are combinations of the fewest ingredients that comprise a recognizable smell. Notes have special characteristics: they express their nature immediately and do not change over time.  With these fool proof blending trio and duo sets, you can combine your own perfect scent using your skin as a canvas!

Demeter Gingerbread Vanilla Foolproof Blending Trio

I received a base notes foolproof blending trio with Gingerbread, Hawaiian Vanilla and Angel Food Cake to give my scents some depth.  This Foolproof Trio contains three different perspectives on Vanilla: floral, sweet and spicy that can be worn alone or mixed with other scents for a custom blend.

Demeter Angel Food - Vanilla Base Note Foolproof blending trio

Demeter Hawaiian Vanilla - Vanilla Base Note Foolproof blending trio

  • Demeter’s Gingerbread is a rich, spicy ginger scent, extremely warm and sexy.
  • Ah…..vanilla, sugar….how can you miss with Demeter’s Angel Food.  The main ingredients reflected in Demeter’s Angel Food are egg whites, sugar, vanilla and coconut to make you feel deliciously edible.
  • Demeter’s Hawaiian Vanilla is rich in the aromatic scent of the vanilla bean. Warm and wonderful…without it, life would just be “plain vanilla”.

Gingerbread is probably the least true to name scent I have from Demeter.  It is definitely gingerbread like, but there is something different there.  Maybe they just have a different recipe, I picked up a gingerbread man from a local bakery just to check (good excuse for a sweet snack right?).  Hawaiian Vanilla on the other hand is definitely vanilla and lasts for hours but has a coconutty feel to it like Angel Food.  Combined with Clean Skin, Hawaiian Vanilla gave me a sweet but fresh scent that lasted all day.

If you have enough base notes in your Demeter Fragrance Library collection, they also have Foolproof Blending Trio sets in middle and top notes or go for a Signature Blending Trio to mix them up.  Some of the other members of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers tried out different sets, check out their reviews here.

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  1. I bet these smell delish!!! My husband just love gingerbread!! That guy wouldn’t of made it home with out losing his head! 🙂

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Haha that guy only made it home because I shopped alone knowing I needed it for a picture since it was the 3rd time we attempted buying one for the picture

  2. these would be awesome , i can imagine how they smell now , yummy 🙂

  3. Debbie White Beattie says: Reply

    They sound like they smell wonderful but the Hawaiian Vanilla sounds like it would be my favorite

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