Make Your Water Sparkle With SodaStream

SodaStream Canada with mixes

With the warmer weather coming, I find myself drinking less tea and more cold drinks.  One of the things I can’t live without in summer is my SodaStream.  I have had mine for a few years now and it is still going strong.  While SodaStream have several models depending on your budget and needs, I chose the Source.  The Source model was designed Yves Béhar and has a LED light indicator to show how fizzy your water is so you can choose your level of carbonation.  Since I like mine to be so fizzy you can feel the bubbles, he is into flat pop – it works for us!

Soda Stream machines are super easy to use, you simply screw in the CO2 cylinder, fill your reusable bottle with water slide it onto the machine where it will lock in place and press down until you are happy with the fizz level.   Once you have carbonated the water you can use it as soda water, add a couple of fruit to flavour it naturally or make yourself some pop with their many SodaMix flavours.

Most of the mixes have 35 calories or less per cup – even the non-diet versions!  The diet versions are under 5 calories.  SodaStream mixes (at least the many I have tried) don’t contain aspartame and I found them to be flavourful, I love the lemonade versions.  I can easily make 2L to my taste with the sample packs I received with it even though they were supposed to be single use 1L samples.  Make sure your water is fizzy enough before you add your favour mix, putting it back on the machine with mix in it will cause a mess! If you like your water very fizzy, don’t fill it quite to the line as it does bubble up as you add the soda mix.

He drinks root beer or Coke while I drink Fresca or Sprite and we don’t drink a full 2L before it goes flat so we can make up a smaller bottle of our preferred drink and keep flavour sample packs for guests with different tastes or when we need a flavour for a drink mixer.  It also saves us many cans or bottles going into the recycling bins as the bottles are reusable and the CO2 canisters are refilled by SodaStream.   You can return your CO2 canister to a store and get a full one.  I keep two so I don’t have to run out as soon as mine is empty.

Buy a SodaStream and save!

You can save 10% when you buy online from SodaStream and spend $99 or more.  They offer free shipping when you spend $150 or more, so stock up on flavour packs as many are hard to find in stores!

Have you tried SodaStream?  What is your favourite flavour?  Have you tried their new Flavour Caps?

7 Replies to “Make Your Water Sparkle With SodaStream”

  1. I love my Soda Stream! It’s been the perfect way to get me to drink MORE water – I often wont even add anything to the water, just that little bit of carbonation is enough to make me feel satisfied and not like I am bring plain old water!

  2. I have been wanting a Soda Stream for what seems to be forever! I’ll get one sooner or later!

  3. My mom has one and swears by it. I need to get on the bandwagon.

  4. So to be perfectly honest, I always thought Soda Stream was a sugar machine. I recently stopped drinking diet pop (almost 4 weeks now) and I do miss the carbonation. Could totally see myself using one for this.

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says: Reply

    I’ve never had a Soda Stream though I did have one from a different maker, I thought the kids would love it. However it was a novelty for a few weeks and then just stood there unused.

  6. I haven’t tried yet but heard lots about it! I always loved soda – this is a great substitute!

  7. I’ve wanted one of these forever!

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