Do You Have House Rules?

House Rules

While watching TV the other day, an IKEA commercial caught my eye (well, more my ear, but whatever).  They were talking about House Rules and how everyone has them.  I laughed at the one about the cup, because his parents have some cups I would never drink from but remind him of childhood so he searches the cupboards for them when we are there.

Mentioning this to him, he said we don’t have “House Rules”.  I beg to differ!

  • House Rule 1: The cats are my babies, don’t like them?  There is the door.  Unless you are allergic, they are not getting locked up, will jump up beside you and most likely demand attention from you.
  • House Rule 2: We have to hug Roo when we get home.  He will turn into a snotty brat and chase other cats if we don’t.  Sorry if you are behind me on the stairs, you just need to wait a minute.
  • House Rule 3: Say I love you, often!
  • House Rule 4: Don’t go to bed angry.
  • House Rule 5: There must always be tea and coffee in the cupboards.  Seriously, get down to 10 tea bags of my fave brew and the world is ending.
  • House Rule 6: No phones during dinner – it is not that long, we can do it (well he can, with ease but I manage)
  • House Rule 7: No talking during Scandal (I will cut you – ok these are turning more into my rules than his, but he only cares that we have coffee, toilet paper (the wrong way around) and Lucky Charms)
  • House Rule 8: No TV in the bedroom (he does care about this one, but my tablet is allowed)
  • House Rule 9: Totally like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory, don’t sit on my place on the sofas (this goes for both of us, he will death stare people on his side of the sofa).
  • House Rule 10: No matter what it costs, air conditioning!
  • House Rule 11: Take your shoes off at the door (and if you wear your work boots across my freshly mopped floors, I don’t care who you are, you will redo them!)
  • House Rule 12: No closed doors unless you are in the bathroom, the cats will give themselves brain damage trying to open it.
  • House Rule 13: If you finish it, open a new one (juice, milk, toilet paper on the roll – you get the picture.  Nothing worse than needing something right then and not having it).
  • House Rule 14: Friday nights do not include cooking.  Whether we eat out, get delivery/takeout or just made sandwiches or cereal – cooking does not happen.
  • House Rule 15: Don’t use my mug(s).  Yes the pretty blue one is mine, the Tim’s one is mine, the glass tea one is mine and the purple glass is mine.  The black one is yours and the pretty white and black ones are used when people are over.

Oh and my personal rule, yes I just got home 5 minutes ago and took off my bra and got into pyjamas.  You don’t like me lounging about in comfy clothes, go to your own house.  I don’t feel the need to be all dressed up to sit on the sofa (plus cats = fur on clothes).  And yes, I am painting my nails AGAIN, live with it.

Do you have house rules?  What are they?  You can add your IKEA House Rules here

10 Replies to “Do You Have House Rules?”

  1. I <3 this! I laughed at #7 because I didn't realize I had the same rule about Grey's Anatomy til DH was getting too snuggly and trying to smooch me last week and I looked at him and was like umm hello, what are you doing? Grey's Anatomy is on, please hush lol.

    we had house rules in our old place: but haven't put any new ones up yet.

    1. oh and they were mostly for the kids 😛

    2. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Love the big no whining!

      1. littleman needed that at the time lol. it was that or a whining whistle 😛

  2. We do! No sass or attitude. Make our beds, help clear up dinner. And always treat each other lovingly and with respect

  3. Haha We do have a “Dont bug me during The Walking Dead” rule.. Which sounds horrible when I see that in writing 🙂

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      It is horrible, but so is interrupting someone’s fave show!
      A few weeks ago, my mum called during Scandal. It is the middle of the night there, so I answered it. She woke up to use the washroom and just thought she would say hi since she was awake. Errr yeah, call me tomorrow then.

  4. I wish I had house rules. At least if I tell my boys to tidy up they listen. AND my hubby helps clean too so that’s awesome.

  5. This is such a refreshing post. Had me laughing out loud 🙂

  6. Love the “No Fussy Eaters” rule… LOL! I don’t have that one written on the “House Rules” chalk board, but its an unspoken law in the house (hate pick eaters – make me insane). We have approximately 25 rules and the list keeps growing…

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