The Epicure Chipster – Home Made Potato Chips

epicure chipster

My Epicure Chipster is one of my favourite kitchen “gadgets”.  It isn’t really a gadget but isn’t really anything else and who doesn’t love warm potato chips?


It is super simple to use the Epicure Chipster, you cut the potatoes thinly using a slicer – Epicure sells a great ceramic one, but I just use my regular one I have had for ages.  Then arrange the potato slices on the chipster making sure they do not overlap and put it in the microwave.  If you want a bit more of a fried feeling than baked, a spray of oil does the trick.  It takes about 3-4 minutes per batch but I usually take it out after 2 and move them around as the centre ones cook much quicker and will brown while the others are uncooked.

You can use any flavourings on them, make your own from spices, salt them lightly or my favourite, use popcorn seasoning or buy Epicure Chipster seasonings.  If you have a large family they will be gone the second you make a batch but it is the perfect serving size if I want a snack myself and don’t want to blow my diet with a bag of potato chips in the house (because I will eat them all).

You can also use it for apple slices, kale chips and more – just adjust the timing.

Buy the Epicure Chipster 

The Chipster is $20 online from Epicure, choose a local independent representative to make your order.



13 thoughts on “The Epicure Chipster – Home Made Potato Chips

  1. I have seen this in use and it really amazes me haha 🙂 I am curious as another poster said, to see if you could use it with other veggies/fruit

    1. I have used it with apple and it worked fine, not sure about the texture/timing for banana chips since they are softer

  2. Oh my gosh you just reminded me that I have one of these buried in the back of my cupboards somewhere!! I’m so excited right now, it’s ridiculous!

  3. I have searched the Epicure Selections site but the chipster is not found. I have one & it is great, wanted to get one for my daughter. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?

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