Slimming World Recipe: Syn Free Fries in the Big Boss Fryer


We have had a TFal ActiFry on our wish-list for a while but are trying to stick to our budget, so when I saw the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer on sale at for $119 minus a load of coupons – $15 coupon, $10 bonus, $25 paypal rebate and $20 ebates rebate) just days after starting Slimming World, it was too hard to turn down.  I had tried the Syn Free fries in the oven earlier but they take a fair amount of time and since I was craving McDonald’s the first thing I tried was fries.

Make no mistake, these are never going to taste like McDonald’s fries, the ‘fryer’ is more like a grill than deep frying but I would happily eat a medium (or larger) fry at McDonalds (14.5 Syns) and these are FREE.  We made up two small potatoes, you could probably fit a third on the included rack but they were filling and it is plenty for two of us.

As you can see from the picture, the fries were nice and crispy after 20 minutes (from raw, no soaking needed, just rinse and pat dry).  A quick spray with PAM, stick them in, turn dial and flip them half way through – easy. They were nice and fluffy inside too, which did not happen with the ones we cooked in the oven the other day.  I can see it getting a lot of use.

Slimming World Friendly Recipe - Healthier Fries In The Big Boss Oil-less Fryer

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