Watermarble Nailart – Day 20 #31DC2016

31DC2016 Day 20 - watermarble swatch

Have I told you how much I hate watermarbles.  I am completely on Simply Nailogical’s side of the debate on watermarbles.  They are some kind of witchery that I just suck at.  I have made one decent watermarble in my life, the only one that I would wear out of the house.  But Day 20 […]

Essie Silk Watercolor Water Marble Nail Art

essie watercolor watermarble swatches

I hate watermarbling, hate it.  I love the look but the time it takes, the polishes that do not spread, the unknown look you will get if you dunk your finger at a slightly different angle.  But I was inspired by Simply Nailogical’s video.  She knows that watermarbles are a pain and often don’t work […]