What I Read This Month

What I Read This Month

One of my resolutions was to read more.  I used to read a lot and each year, promise to get back into reading.  Previously, I have tried reading challenges to encourage me to read things I would not and keep me on track but it hasn’t stuck.  So this year, I am just reading what interests me and sharing them with you to keep me accountable.

Personally, I hate reviews that just summarize the book or ruin the ending, so feel free to ask if you want to know more about a book.  This will be more my thoughts and if I would recommend the book.

Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig

aleatha romig consequences series review

Consequences by Aleatha Romig was the featured free ebook on my kobo a while back.  It has been a long time since I just had to download the rest of a series but this one hooked me.  It started off slow with me thinking I knew the ending but a twist surprised me and had me reading the others right away.  The first book took me on a rollercoaster and had me wanting to scream at the main characters and that didn’t change until the end of book 4.  Book 5 takes you on a journey from the eyes of all of the characters and was a nice change, wrapping up the story while leaving a few openings for future books.  Overall, a great read and definitely one I didn’t want to put down.

Warning: This series, especially the first book does contain mentions of rape, kidnapping and more. Not graphically so, but almost worse in a way that you know how she is feeling with just the general idea of what has happened to her.

Colleen Cross – Exit Strategy

Colleen Cross Exit Strategy Review

Who knew that being a forensic accountant could be so dangerous?  This was another of my recommended free ebooks on Kobo’s main page.  I did enjoy it, reading it in less than a day and will probably get some of the books in the same series when I am bored but it didn’t have me ready to read them all like the Consequences series did.  Still a great read, especially for a free ebook.

Suitcase Girl by Ty Hutchinson

Ty Hutchinson Suitcase Girl Review

Sometimes with Kobo’s free ebooks, you get great books that are free only to get you interested in a series.  With the Consequences books, you wanted to know what happened next but overall, each book did have an ending.  Suitcase Girl by Ty Hutchinson left so many open questions that it really was a good teaser.  My local library doesn’t carry the author in ebooks or actual books so the other two are on my list to buy, but I have so many to read first.

Not a bad start to the year but hopefully, not all crime/mystery novels through the year!

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