My Spring Bucket List

spring bucket list

I remember being very young and my mum saying that you should never make a bucket list, you are just wishing death on yourself so I have never made a “real” bucket list.  A Spring bucket list is a different story, I am very happy to wish the nicer weather on myself!  After a winter of semi-hibernating, I am happy to be out and about and visiting some of the places I love or new places that have opened.

Spring Bucket List – Places To Go

  • Ripley’s Aquarium – The cost of this has put me off going but everyone I know who has visited loved it so I will need to give the frugalista in me a slap.  If anyone has a great coupon code, the frugalista would appreciate it!
  • Royal Botanical Gardens – We go several times a year, I like the peace there, he likes to feed the squirrels and chipmunks (shhhh everyone does it despite the don’t feed the wildlife sign).  A picnic or two there is definitely in order for this year.

Spring Bucket List – People To See

  • See my friends.  I hate winter so I tend not to go out as much anyway but the winter season is busy for me at work.  I haven’t seen many of my friends since holiday parties and some in even longer!  The nice weather is a good excuse to meet up with them and the quieter time at work means I can check in with them online more often too.

Spring Bucket List – Become A Foodie (Not)

  • Food Trucks – Hamilton is food truck heaven, we have lots of them.  I am not talking the street meat of Toronto but the amazing Dobro Jesti (risotto balls in thick marinara sauce, schnitzel and fried garlic dough balls), Gorilla Cheese (because, well, cheese), lots of BBQ and dessert ones.  I tried quite a few of them last year but the bad weather makes it hard to stalk them and really enjoy the food.  I am looking forward to seeing them around again.  I live near the waterfront and the city just passed a law allowing them in the parks so I will likely be able to try lots of them close to home.
  • Ice Cream – More for him than me, he loves the ice cream truck.  He hears the terrible off tune music as it comes down the street and starts squirming in his seat like a child.
  • Hutch’s – If I am going to treat myself to fries, they have to be good fries and I love Hutch’s.

Spring Bucket List – Things To Do Outside

  • Read in the rain – As a child I loved reading in the rain.  I still do, but do it inside now.  I want to sit under an umbrella and read in the rain like I used to when I was young, smelling the grass and other great spring smells.
  • Work at the waterfront – I don’t take advantage of this enough.  I am lucky enough to be able to work from home a lot and we have a great waterfront with a William’s Fresh Cafe with wifi but I often work at home in my jammies.  I need to get dressed and go out and enjoy the nice weather before it gets too hot and this is a great way to do it while working.
  • Take A Boat Tour – there are several from Toronto and Hamilton with lunch etc and we keep saying we will go but never do, this year I want to do this.

Spring Bucket List – Things To Do Inside

  • Actually get my Spring Cleaning done – I have been lazy and the place is cluttered.  I need to declutter and freshen up the place with some paint.
  • Exercise – get moving again, this can be done outside too but winter has made me lazy.

So what is on your Spring Bucket List?

10 Replies to “My Spring Bucket List”

  1. Alexa Nernberg says: Reply

    Hi, I have not made a bucket list persay, but I am looking forward to Spring, so we can start going to our little piece of property in Sundre, Alberta, where we have a RV lot and a 32 foot trailer. It’s a great getaway for us. I ‘m not able to travel long distances, as I am disabled, due to a ruptured brain aneurysm 12 years ago. We live in Calgary, Alberta and it takes approximately an hour to travel to Sundre. We have met some really nice people camping and we consider them to be our best friends.

  2. Love how you organize stuff…i will try doing that

  3. Victoria Ess says: Reply

    Great list! I’m borrowing some of yours, and a few things on mine are:

    Riding our bikes on Centre Island
    Walking through the Distillery District
    Going to at least one, but preferably way more, outdoor concerts
    Going hiking and camping

  4. Chandra Christine O'Connor says: Reply

    mine is to get out more walking or biking. and hopefully get a deck built

  5. Elizabeth D. says: Reply

    There was a deal recently for Ripley’s Aquarium where if you buy the Aquarium book from Chapters, you get a B1G1 admission so overall it worked out cheaper if you were going to buy two admissions anyway because the book was cheaper than a single admission plus you’ve now got the book either to keep or give as a gift. Here’s the link: It’s good til April 30.

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Thanks Elizabeth

  6. Elizabeth D. says: Reply

    And I just had dobro jesti for the first time this weekend ad the Food and Drink Fest here in Hamilton and it was great. Delicious chicken schnitzel on a stick with a little garlic and dill sauce on one side and a creamy bacon sauce on the other. Wonderful! I did not realize you were a fellow Hamiltonian. Cool!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Try and find their truck and try out he Razer (sp?) it is to die for
      We get that with a serving of risotto balls and garlic bits to share – the sandwiches are so filling

  7. Anticipation of spring is so huge this year, seems like winter has been going on forever. As I write this our forecast is yes, more snow. It will go away soon. I love your spring bucket list, what a great idea!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      It really has been a long winter, it is so nice to have some plus temps

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