One Of Those Days – Time Change Messing With My Head?

one of those days - dealing with time change I am not usually a person who finds the time change that difficult, I got over it dealing with a long distance relationship and jetlag from visits across the world to see each other but this weekend seems to have really thrown both of us and I can only blame the time change.

Yesterday I asked him to pick up some bread while he was out, he came home with three bags from Food Basics  – yes I am the one with the shopping problem dear – we now have more milk (because 4L in the fridge isn’t enough), chips, chocolate fudge granola bars (drool), another bottle of ketchup and lots of other random stuff we didn’t need but no bread.  Now him forgetting to pick up an item we need isn’t all that unusual although remembering he needs to go to the store in the first place is, but he topped it off by waking me at 5am this morning to tell me we have no bread to make his lunch!

Go back to sleep all warm and toasty thinking oh another hour or two of sleep, I don’t have to be awake in the dark, I am working for home today.  Nope, I must have smacked that alarm in my sleep and woke up at 9 when my reminder went off to ask a co-worker for some files.  Splash some water on my face, turn on kettle for a cuppa tea, log on as if I have been waiting for my coworker to send the files all morning walk back into the kitchen and wonder what the **** am I doing in here?  Oh yeah whistling kettle, toaster popping – breakfast – can’t deal with people on an empty stomach and no tea.

Sit down at desk with my tea and toast and realize that this discussion over the files may be a long one so I go back to get the pot of tea in case I need more before we are done, come back to see the cat running away with my slice of toast.  Not a good start to the day, I should have stayed in bed!


24 thoughts on “One Of Those Days – Time Change Messing With My Head?

  1. lol, you have a very smart cat! I’ve noticed, that the older I get the more the time changes bother me. When I was younger it didn’t faze me at all!

  2. I did not have an easy time change either. I use to prepare the kids days in advance with adjusting their sleeping schedule. The husband went and fooled with his phone changing the time ahead. Now phones change automatically. So when his alarm went off, it was an hour earlier than we needed it. He promptly went back to sleep, me not. ugg.

    1. Everything changed automatically except the microwave, I was standing there looking at it trying to remember which button resets the clock

  3. This time change is making me completely off kilter… I feel like I am in a fog too. I blame the horrid weather for already putting me into a daze

  4. I’ve been feeling it too this week, and I’m usually not this affected. It’s been a long, dreary winter, so that doesn’t help.

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