Spring Clean Your Home In One Month

spring clean

We are not all domestic goddesses, and with a busy work life, kids and other stuff going on, a Spring Clean can seem like a bit much.  Follow these steps and spend 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week to get your house sparkling clean again. (I cheat and do all 5 on the weekend when I have more time). Put on some music, get the kids to help with smaller jobs and try not to hate cleaning.

Week 1 – Spring Clean Your Entry, hallways, living room & dining room

  • General Tidy – if it doesn’t belong, move it to where it is supposed to be. Replace fire/smoke detector etc batteries
  • Dust everything (that includes the ceiling fans, window sills, over doors, including front door (inside and out) and vacuum/dust all electronics, their fans will spit back out the dust
  • Polish all wood, wipe down all other surfaces with cleaner (TV, phones etc)
  • Clean windows, pictures, ornaments and anything else
  • Vacuum / sweep floors then mop floors

Week 2 – Spring Clean Your Kitchen (good time to check for expired food)

  • Empty & clean refrigerator (check expired food, wipe down all interior and exterior surfaces and put back food where it should be)
  • Empty pantry/cupboards (check expired food, wipe down all interior and exterior surfaces and put back food where it should be)
  • Clean all appliances, descale the kettle, empty the crumbs out of the toaster, give the blender that good clean you have been meaning to for weeks.
  • Deep clean the oven, while you have cleaner soaking on it, wipe down walls and light switches etc
  • Clean windows, sweep & mop floors

Week 3 – Spring Clean Your Bathrooms (good time to replace toothbrushes, check hair stylers for damage)

  • Sort all toiletries, throw out expired meds / almost used bottles that have been sitting there too long, clean any cabinets inside and out as you sort them.
  • Wash all rugs, towels, washcloths, shower curtain if fabric
  • Scrub toilet, glass shower door, tub, shower walls removing scum and water deposits
  • Dust, it can get stuck with the humidity in a bathroom & clean mirrors & windows
  • Vacuum & mop, clean light switches

Week 4 – Spring Clean Your Bedrooms

  • Sort clothes and children’s toys into piles for keep, garbage and donate (you may need 2 days for this) – Get rid of donation/garbage items before you change your mind!
  • Wash rugs, comforters and other bedding, curtains and any other linens, while they are in the wash, turn mattresses
  • Dust everything, wipe down or polish dresser tops, door tops, light switches – don’t forget any ceiling fans and the alarm clock
  • Sweep and vacuum floors

Final few days of your Spring Clean

  • Do a quick dust in all rooms, polishing furniture and wiping down other surfaces
  • Vacuum / sweep & mop all rooms
  • Final declutter & sit and enjoy your clean house

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