Bloggers: Embed Getty Images For Free

Have you ever gone to write a blog on a topic but couldn’t find a suitable image from your stock of photos? Getty Images wants to help bloggers get free images and stop the stealing of images without credit to the owners with “Embedded Getty Images”.  They released millions of their photos in web quality that you can embed directly by copying and pasting the code given.  No uploading needed.   You simply mouseover an image and choose the embed button.

embed getty images free

Getty have realized they can get more business by helping bloggers and not trying to sue the millions of people who have used images without permission or rights but this is only for non-commercial use and sponsored posts look to be a no-no too (although in most cases you would use your own review photos and their product images for a sponsored post anyway).

The embedding tool is intended only for noncommercial uses. In many cases, publishers will prefer to pay for images because they will get more control and won’t have embedded images sending information about their Web traffic back to Getty. Embedded images will not be allowed in contexts that promote products or businesses.

You don’t even need a Getty Images account to use these images, just click here to find your free images (it even has a link to search by embed-ready images).

The Downsides of Embedding Getty Images

Your image is linked and not hosted on your blog so does not show when you link your blog.

Getty Images can remove the embed rights for that image at a later time so your image will no longer appear and if you link your posts to facebook, they won’t auto-show the image as it is not part of your post.

Using your own images is obviously the way to go but if you do need a suitable image and do not want to pay for it – Getty will help you do that legally.

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