Swiss Chalet Spinach Dip: Real Vs Advertising


Last week we received a coupon code from Swiss Chalet for a free appetizer with delivery/pick up meal purchase for the Super Bowl.  Our last order for delivery took over 90 minutes and while we got it free because of their delivery guarantee, it was still cold and we were not going to order from them again.  I love spinach dip though and Swiss Chalte have been advertising it so for free, we thought we would give them another chance.

As you can see from the image above, the spinach dip is nothing like advertised.  It may be because it was cold after another 90+ minute wait for delivery (and seemingly the delivery guarantee does not apply in winter? Will have to call them about that one) but it was just a goopy mess, it didn’t really taste cheesey nor of spinach, it was just greasy and went in the garbage after an attempt at heating it and adding more cheese to try and rescue it.  If I am going to ruin my diet with a cheese dip, it better be good.

Sadly the whole order was terrible, even the cats turned their noses up at the burnt cold rotisserie chicken, a once favourite restaurant is now firmly on our do not use list.

2 Replies to “Swiss Chalet Spinach Dip: Real Vs Advertising”

  1. yikes that actually looks inedible lol

    1. It was, we tried adding more cheese, heating but it went in the trash

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