DAVIDsTEA Electric Lemonade Review

Davids Tea Electric Lemonade Iced Tea Review

Add a little zip to your iced tea with DAVIDsTEA Electric Lemonade, a tangy maté tea perfect hot or cold.  With the bold, tangy flavours of lemon, currants and berries, it’s tart, fruity and anything but shy. And with an added boost from a big hit of yerba mate, it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling energized, uplifted and ready for anything. Looks like your childhood lemonade stand just got a grown-up twist. Lemonade in England is completely different to over[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Read My Lips + Bonus Nail Art

Davids Tea Read My Lips Close

I love peppermint teas but DAVIDsTEA Read My Lips adds something a little special to the usual peppermint tea.  It is a mix of cute little red lips sugar sprinkles, chocolate, pink peppercorns with peppermint and Chinese black tea. Not your regular mix, the chocolate makes the tea a little fudgy and dark and combined with the lip shaped sprinkles, sweetens the peppermint.  The added Chinese black tea mixed with the peppermint makes it ideal for someone who wants to[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Movie Night Green Tea

Davids Tea Movie Night Tea Review Bag

You know that smell when you walk into a movie theatre?  The popcorn, candy and years of movie goers just fills the space as soon as you walk in.  Even at my local mall which has an older Landmark Cinema upstairs, the smell of popcorn as you walk by the entrance is crazy!  Now you can get that in a cup with Davids Tea Movie Night. This popcorn tea is better than the real thing. First of all, it has no[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Birthday Cake Review

Davidstea Birthday Cake Tea Spoon

I recently guest posted listing some of my favourite teas for spring over at Up The Rollercoaster.  While Birthday Cake doesn’t seem like the most spring themed tea, sometimes you need to satisfy that sweet tooth and stay bikini ready.  A cup of tea that tastes like vanilla cake with ice cream and sprinkles can help you fix that craving without the calories. For me, David’s Tea Birthday Cake tea is best served as a latte.  The foamy smooth milk[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Quince Charming Tea Review

DAVIDSTEA Quince Charming Header

It is not very often that I get the DAVIDsTEA tea of the month so early, but since I was buying some anyway, I had to get a small amount of Quince Charming to sample at home.  I am not the hugest fan of pear, so I wasn’t sure if I would like Quince Charming, but it is the tea of the month and my cat is named Quincy, so I had to try it right? Someday my quince will[Read more]