Dollarama Buy: Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips Review

Dollarama Neat & Easy Pore Strips Review

I was running low on Biore strips recently and headed out to buy some while shopping, only to find that they were really expensive that weekend.  I recalled seeing Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips at Dollarama for $2.50 and thought they would be worth trying. I get gross blocked pores on my nose.  Noticeable blackheads, so I go through a lot of pore strips trying to keep it blackhead free.  The Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips package claims to “remove[Read more]

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Facial Hair Removal Trio Review

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Facial Hair Removal Trio Review

I was reading a review of Jolen’s Hair Removal system over at I Know All The Words when I thought oh I have that Nair Brazilian Spa Clay kit to try out.  I generally have no issues with hair removal kits, but I am a wuss about pain so hate to wax.  The Olay duo works great, but at $5 on clearance, I will try Nair’s.  BIG MISTAKE. I will start by admitting that I have some unsightly thicker dark hairs.  My[Read more]

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Review

I am a huge fan of Maybelline’s Baby line, I love Baby Lips so when I saw Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser on the clearance shelf at Shoppers Drug Mart (I have been cleaning them out of clearance deals lately) I jumped at the chance to try it.  I have heard good things about their Pore Eraser but never really read a review or seen it in action so I didn’t have any expectations going in other than others were[Read more]

Get Your Hands & Nails Summer Ready With Julep Hand Model

This time of year is never good for the nails and hands.  Between end of year filing, pulling out all our papers for taxes and a busier load at work, my hands are usually covered in papercuts, I break nails, my cuticles are a mess from catching on files and my skin is worse in general due to stress, tiredness and eating on the run. With the long weekend, I thought I would give myself a manicure only to find[Read more]

EOS Shave Cream Review

As much as I am glad to see the back of winter, it also means shaving daily to wear those pretty spring outfits.  I will totally admit to allowing myself some “extra warmth” by not shaving as regularly in winter, works for animals right? While shopping, I noticed EOS (evolution of smooth) Shave Cream on the clearance rack.  Only in Pomegranate Raspberry.  I checked the others too, the Vanilla smells divine, but was not on sale.  So with the warmer[Read more]