New Influenster VoxBox: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

The last Influenster VoxBox featured a twitter party in which I won a prequalification to the next VoxBox.  I received it this week and am already sporting a new manicure using it to review!  Included were three full size bottles of Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in (from left) Pat on the Black (a vampy dark blackened plum colour) Jaded (Darker seafoam would be the best way to describe it, seems like a mix of creme and jelly finish) Red[Read more]

Slimming World Recipe: Syn Free Fries in the Big Boss Fryer

Slimming World Friendly Recipe - Healthier Fries In The Big Boss Oil-less Fryer

We have had a TFal ActiFry on our wish-list for a while but are trying to stick to our budget, so when I saw the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer on sale at for $119 minus a load of coupons – $15 coupon, $10 bonus, $25 paypal rebate and $20 ebates rebate) just days after starting Slimming World, it was too hard to turn down.  I had tried the Syn Free fries in the oven earlier but they take a[Read more]

Battle of the Online Rebates

I will only buy online if it is a great deal and includes free timely shipping, but a rebate is an added bonus and definitely encourages me to shop online.  I belong to both Ebates and Great Canadian Rebates and use them both regularly.  Why not just maximize savings on one? Because they sometimes have better deals than the other one.  For example, I received several promo gift cards from last year.  In my first purchase using them, I[Read more]

Slimming World Recipe: Healthier Potato Leek Soup

healthier potato leek soup slimming world recipe

Leek and potato soup is one of my favourites.  It is just so warm and comforting on a cold day.  My usual recipe however calls for butter, flour and cream and would eat away at my syn count fairly quickly.  So using my usual recipe and checking on the one from Slimming World, I modified it using ingredients I do have and can use.  Surprisingly, it tastes just as good without the butter and cream. 2 potatoes cubed (I don’t[Read more]

CheeCha Puffs: A Yummy Healthy Snack

Okay, so they are not healthy like eating vegetables but we all have snacks sometimes.  Above is a picture of three Salt & Vinegar flavoured ‘healthier snack’ along with a weighed serving size (strangely, not one of them was the correct number of chips for the weight).  As you can see from the identical bowls, you get a lot more for your calories with CheeCha Puffs. For that bowl of CheeCha Puffs, you eat less calories than the other snacks[Read more]