Slimming World Recipe: Healthier Potato Leek Soup

healthier potato leek soup slimming world recipe

Leek and potato soup is one of my favourites.  It is just so warm and comforting on a cold day.  My usual recipe however calls for butter, flour and cream and would eat away at my syn count fairly quickly.  So using my usual recipe and checking on the one from Slimming World, I modified it using ingredients I do have and can use.  Surprisingly, it tastes just as good without the butter and cream. 2 potatoes cubed (I don’t[Read more]

CheeCha Puffs: A Yummy Healthy Snack

Okay, so they are not healthy like eating vegetables but we all have snacks sometimes.  Above is a picture of three Salt & Vinegar flavoured ‘healthier snack’ along with a weighed serving size (strangely, not one of them was the correct number of chips for the weight).  As you can see from the identical bowls, you get a lot more for your calories with CheeCha Puffs. For that bowl of CheeCha Puffs, you eat less calories than the other snacks[Read more]

Per Pack Meat Pricing: Frugalista’s Nightmare

I don’t buy meat at Walmart often, but while shopping, I needed to pick up some chicken breasts and did not want to go to our usual store after Walmart, nor carry chicken around for an hour in Walmart.  I know there is always a difference in weights, but the difference really surprised me with these $9 packs with roughly 5 chicken breasts per pack.  This is just a few of them but shows the lowest and highest weights I[Read more]

Trying Out imPRESS Nails From Influenster

One of the first things I tried from influenster was the imPRESS nails from Broadway Nails (after eating my free Skinny Cow crisp bar). Sadly, I received short nails so I cut my nails down to try these, it is strange having short nails, but so much easier to type!  I am not a huge fan of stick on nails in general, but these are not as annoying as many, they fit well compared to most too, no shaping needed. [Read more]

Introducing Influenster

Influenster Maple Box

Some of you may remember when influenster first started Canadian signups with the promise of a VoxBox (a box of free samples) last June and then the reminders last December.  In December, they finally came to Canada and I was one of the lucky ones to receive a MapleVoxBox.  As much as I love samplesource and brandsaver, it was nice to get some different products in the VoxBox.  Here is what I received, they are all full size samples too:[Read more]