Living On $1.75 A Day? I Am Trying Live Below The Line

$1.75 a day? I can hear you saying that I must be crazy but we did the Live Below The Line Challenge last year through work and managed (barely).  Okay we cheated a little, we used money over the week but some days were higher and others were lower and we had an event at work where we ate fancy hors d’oeuvres one day but this year we will follow the rules!  If Ben Affleck can do it so can I![Read more]

The Epicure Chipster – Home Made Potato Chips

My Epicure Chipster is one of my favourite kitchen “gadgets”.  It isn’t really a gadget but isn’t really anything else and who doesn’t love warm potato chips? It is super simple to use the Epicure Chipster, you cut the potatoes thinly using a slicer – Epicure sells a great ceramic one, but I just use my regular one I have had for ages.  Then arrange the potato slices on the chipster making sure they do not overlap and put it[Read more]

Please Wait Not To Be Seated?

We try to do a night out a few times a month and last night headed out to a chain restaurant (I will hold off mentioning where as I have emailed a complaint to them) for dinner.  It is a restaurant we go to often, but not usually this location.  It is not all that unusual for a restaurant to have long wait times but our experience last night was ridiculous. We got there with just one family ahead of[Read more]

One Of Those Days – Time Change Messing With My Head?

I am not usually a person who finds the time change that difficult, I got over it dealing with a long distance relationship and jetlag from visits across the world to see each other but this weekend seems to have really thrown both of us and I can only blame the time change. Yesterday I asked him to pick up some bread while he was out, he came home with three bags from Food Basics  – yes I am the[Read more]

Healthier Chicken Nuggets: Panko Breaded Chicken (Big Boss Fryer Recipe)

To  go with the healthier fries I mentioned earlier, a craving for McDonalds led me to try making my own chicken nuggets.  After some trial and error, I followed a very simple recipe with no flour and panko bread crumbs which seem to stick better without the added flour. Healthier Chicken Nuggets Recipe 1 chicken breast cut into bite size pieces 1 egg 1/4 cup panko breadcrumbs seasoning Mix the seasoning with the breadcrumbs (choose your seasoning, I have made[Read more]