Live Below The Line Day 1

This actually looks quite delicious for a meal while living on less than $1.75 a day doesn’t it!  Here is our food diary for Live Below The Line Day 1 Breakfast – this will be the same every day, a packet of oatmeal made with water.  $1.29 for 10 packets = $0.13 each Lunch – grilled cheese, made with no butter because I am not sure it will fit in the budget and 1/2 orange each. Sunshine bread was $1.44[Read more]

Live Below The Line Grocery List

Live Below The Line starts this week and this is our list of groceries available for the week ($17.50 for 2 people for 5 days).  We took advantage of offers that were easily available to anyone such as Snapsaves, Checkout 51 and printable/easily ordered/found coupons. Primo Pasta x 2 @ $0.49 at Fortinos = $0.98 500g block cheese (from Target last week) = $1.49 Ground beef $2.50 (from butcher at $1.99/lb – he took pity on my challenge and through[Read more]

When Did We Become So Rude & Uncaring?

I mentioned a while back about the rude man who almost knocked over a pregnant woman to steal the seat I was giving u for her as she boarded the train.  It is nothing new on my commute but the level of rudeness from people who just do not care about the people around them surprised me. It started first thing, the bus I take to the train station was about 5 minutes early, a regular rider was crossing the[Read more]

Happy First Birthday Izzy

Today’s Wordless Wednesday’s post was an easy choice because Izzy, our youngest cat, turns one tomorrow.  Izzy was a birthday present from my partner last year, on the Friday after my birthday, he took me to the foster home to pick between two litters of three kittens.  He had told them I would likely go for the orange one (I have a weakness for orange cats) but Izzy climbed right into my arms and never left them. Top: As a[Read more]

New Influenster Impact Scores

I have got some great freebies from influenster, if you are not a member, sign up soon because they have a Canadian offer coming soon! New Influenster Impact Scores For those familiar with influenster, you will notice some changes when you login.  They have changed the whole way they score people and now your impact score can be in the thousands as it is linked to those with a larger social media following.  You may still not get chosen for[Read more]