Enter to Win $125 PayPal Cash

Do you LOVE giveaways? I know I do!  It is even better when you can win cash and we are holding a contest for PayPal cash! If you’re always on the lookout for more fantastic Canadian giveaways to enter, you should check out the Giveaways Open to Canadians Facebook group. It’s a place for Canadian bloggers and contesters to share and enter fabulous Canadian giveaways. I’ve joined Homeschooling Mom 4 Two and some other awesome Canadian bloggers to celebrate the[Read more]

A Tale Of Two Eves

I love reading, I read a few books a week on my commute to and from Toronto and some before bed reading.   I have read every book in both of these series but only today did it dawn on me that both of the main characters are called Eve. Eve Dallas – In Death Series by JD Robb I love this series, I set alerts for the next releases so I can pre-order them because I can’t bear the[Read more]

Alternative Uses For Aluminum Foil (Thrifty Thursday)

That roll of aluminum foil can be used for so much more than just wrapping food and covering trays when baking!  Here are some of my favourite uses: Use Aluminum Foil When Baking Take a sheet of foil the size of your muffin tin and place over the cups, cut an X in the foil over each cup and insert your liners.  Any spillage when pouring batter or those greasy marks left when the muffin top rises over the top[Read more]

Da Bird Cat Toy – Best Toy For A Lazy Cat

Like many indoor cats, our cats are lazy.  The have so many cat toys, many of them expensive and untouched, but the Da Bird will always be their favourite.  One of mine likes catnip toys but he will just lay there bunny kicking it, not quite  the exercise my little chubster needs so I was so happy when we first got the Da Bird for one of the other cats and he not only liked it but loves it. About[Read more]

How Not To Apply For a Job: Job Application Form Mistakes

We recently advertised a job at work and my boss tasked me with compiling all of the applications.  As a small company and charity, we don’t contract out to a HR company, we have done this before and know what to look for, we just use them for the actual contracts.   So we updated our application form for the position and put out a notice.  Filling in an application form and sending with your cover letter should be fairly[Read more]