Buttery Cream Cheese Roll-Ups Recipe

I have made these cinnamon cream cheese roll-ups lots of times but last year I came across a more savoury version cutting out the sugar and cinnamon.   They make a great appetizer or just a treat but save them for special occasions!  Despite cutting out the sugar, these are still bad for you. Buttery Cream Cheese Roll-Ups Ingredients Loaf of bread 1/2 tub/brick of cream cheese Butter or margarine, melted Buttery Cream Cheese Roll-Ups Recipe Soften cream cheese Preheat[Read more]

GlamST Revisited – New Makeup & Styles

We previously blogged about GlamST, a virtual makeover site, and they listened to the comments about the downsides of the site. New GlamST Eyeshadow Styles They have now added lots of eyeshadow styles so you can try more than one colour at a time.  This will help you blend new colours with your current ones or see what the full pallette looks like when used as recommended for a great smokey eye etc. You can still choose to choose just[Read more]

Online Shopping Tips (Thrifty Thursday)

With so many more stores offering online shopping, make sure you are getting the best deals while shopping. Know Your Prices Quite often there are deals offered online that are not actually great deals.  You need to know the pricing of items you want to buy to make sure that deal is as good as it makes out.  It also pays to know the prices so you know when to buy, unlike store deals where pricing has to be manually[Read more]

Primers: Save or Splurge

If you had asked me about primers before last year, I would have said that Smashbox was the way to go and nothing else should even exist as far as I am concerned.  Smashbox works for me and I snubbed all other brands as being as inferior as cheap toilet paper!  Then I found NYX. I was looking to save money, the harsh winter means that our construction business suffers.  I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall in the[Read more]

Dear Spammer – Your Spam Is Useless

Dear Spammer, There is something I will never understand about your spam, it just gets deleted, so what is the point?  I am sure some bloggers are not as proactive in cleaning spam, but the ranking on their spam filled site means they are not helping you.  Most people recognize spam and don’t click it, in fact most of them scream “don’t click me” – so why do you do it? For the record: I do not need your SEO[Read more]