2015 Budget Goals – Spend Less, Get More

Like most people, I want to save more money this year and budget my money more wisely.  We are not getting any younger and those retirement savings will never be enough.  I looked through all of the challenges posted but none of them are for me.  I don’t want to go without to get to some arbitrary budget total for the month.  I just want to spend more responsibly and save extra cash this year. My 2015 Budget Plan While I[Read more]

Goals For Making 2015 My Year

Goals… not resolutions for 2015.  Resolutions seem so final, so “now” and once broken, they are forgotten.  So long term goals for the year is my plan.  I am not setting finite goals that will seem impossible in January, just long term ones to help lead me through 2015. Goal: To Be Happier & Healthier As I mentioned a while back, life has been crazy lately.  I have already made some changes and I want to keep those up and[Read more]

Happy New Year!

Don’t think of the opportunities that you have missed in the last year. The New Year is an unwritten book, so choose your actions and words wisely and fill it up with pages that are worth reading by the end of the year. Here’s to a happy new year filled with great new nail polishes, many contest wins, an end to the things that made us unhappy or sad in 2014 and a start of things new. Happy New Year![Read more]

2015 Reading Challenge

One of the things I want to find more time for in 2015 is reading. I love reading but haven’t had the time recently.  Since I am now not taking work home with me, it frees up my commuting time to read.  A friend shared this great PopSugar Reading Challenge on facebook. I want to take part in it so thought I would share it so I can track which ones I read and share for those who also want to[Read more]

P&G My Canadian Essentials BzzAgent Review

I was recently sent a huge box of P&G My Canadian Essentials packs by BzzAgent to share with new Canadians.  The packs were welcomed by the new Canadians I met at a local community centre along with the coupons included.  I thought I would give you a peek of what P&G included for new Canadians to try out before buying. I remember the pain of finding brands that worked for me after moving to Canada.  Some have the same brand[Read more]