Great Samples From SampleSource

SampleSource is one of my favourite sampling programs, it has such a variety from different companies.  Here is what I was offered in today’s SampleSource package: Snuggle® Scent Boosters™ Are you looking for an easy, mess-free way to give your laundry a burst of long-lasting freshness? Try new Snuggle® Scent Boosters™! These tiny pacs can be added to your washing machine before you load your clothes. The mess-free, pre-measured pacs will deliver an extra burst of long-lasting freshness to your[Read more]

Enter To Win $25 Old Navy Gift Card

Old Navy held a great sale this weekend and tank tops were just $2.  I wait all year for this sale, depending on the style they are perfect for everything from under sheer shirts for work to gym clothes or pyjamas. Old Navy Clothing Old Navy have something for everyone in the family.  They have affordable but fashionable clothing for babies, toddlers and children as well as for men, women and plus size in adult styles. They have amazing clearance[Read more]

Why You Should Have A Carbon Monoxide Detector

While most of us have smoke detectors, the same is not true for carbon monoxide detectors.  If you live in Ontario, they will be required by law in many buildings after the passing of the Hawkins – Gignac Act last year.  Despite the publicity on the law and warnings at the time, people are still dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. This morning we had a nasty shock when we woke up to the chirping of an alarm – and not[Read more]

Melitta Pour Over Coffee System Review

As a tea lover, my partner often suffers when he wants coffee.  It just is not worth it to make a whole pot and while the frugalista in me would prefer he uses the reusable k-cup he says that it does not allow the water to flow slowly enough to make a great cup of coffee.  So while shopping the other day, I saw this Melitta Pour Over System (also marketed as Ready Set Joe)  which would allow him to[Read more]

Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets (Thrifty Thursday)

One my favourite uses for dryer sheets is to put one in the central air vents for that fresh laundry smell all the time, but there are lots of uses for both fresh and used dryer sheets that can save you time and money. Cleaning With Dryer Sheets Dusting: A used dryer sheet will pick up dust from almost anything.  If you are doing your baseboards, use an unused dryer sheet, the anti-static on the sheet will help repel dust so[Read more]