Shelf Stable Non Dairy Tea Latte Fails

I have mentioned before that So Nice Barista Blend is my go to non dairy choice for lattes. It foams so well but I went through a lot of non dairy milk alternatives trying to find one that would work. The milk proteins is what helps dairy milk foam and stay frothy when heated but many non dairy alternatives just don’t work. All are fine if you just want a drop of milk in a tea but for a latte, I suggest staying away from these.

All were tested using my Chef’s Star milk frother. Half a cup of non dairy “milk” on the regular heated froth option. I did not try steaming them as I like frothy milk rather than steamed and don’t have a steamer at home. All options were new, unopened and I found the longest expiry date available when buying them. These were all prepared with the same pot of plain Irish Breakfast black tea so the colour differences are based on the non dairy alternatives (10oz tea and 1/2 cup of non dairy alternative as foamed)

Earth’s Own So Fresh Cashew (Unsweetened) Latte Review

Latte Series - Can You Use So Fresh Cashew Milk For Tea Lattes

It may be Canadian owned but Earth’s Own So Fresh Cashew does not make a good latte. It didn’t even attempt to froth. Some had foamed in my frother but dissolved when poured. I even double checked to make sure I had put the attachment back in because it didn’t even have air bubbles.

Latte Series - Can You Use So Fresh Cashew Milk For Tea Lattes 2

As a creamer, it has a light nutty taste so may not work well with all teas and seemed quite watery. You do need to give it a good shake before using.

So Delicious Coconut Beverage Latte Review

Latte Series - Can You Use So Delicious Coconut Milk For Tea Lattes

It tried. So Delicious Coconut Beverage did originally foam in the frother, it just couldn’t keep the foam despite being warmed. This was surprising as the other coconut milk I tried (Coconut Dream) was decent.

Latte Series - Can You Use So Delicious Coconut Milk For Tea Lattes 2

If you are using it without foaming, it has almost no flavour so is a good non dairy creamer for lighter flavoured teas, but also lacks that creamy consistency.

Rice Dream Latte Review

Latte Series - Can You Use Rice Dream Original For Tea Lattes

Rice Dream is a great option if you are sensitive to nuts and hate the taste of soy products but again, it just failed at keeping a foam. It got kind of frothy but just disappeared into the tea. It has almost no flavour to overpower a lighter tea though if you are looking for a creamer, but like some of the others is very thin and watery.

Natur-a Original Soy Latte Review

Latte Series - Can You Use Natur-a Original For Tea Lattes

Perhaps the strangest of the non dairy alternatives I tried. Natur-a Original bubbled rather than foamed but kept the airy bubbles. It does have that soy taste that I find hard to get over (So Nice Barista has a smoother taste but also has sugar).

Latte Series - Can You Use Natur-a Original For Tea Lattes 2

It doesn’t make a great latte and the consistency was off once heated so not sure it works great even as a non-dairy creamer. But of the shelf stable ones, it did at least have some foam – if you can call it that.

None of them are ones I would use again, at least not for lattes. I prefer the thick creamy foam from So Nice Barista Blend. Rae from The Notice recently posted about Earth’s Own Oat Barista Blend so I will be trying that soon if I can find it.

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3 thoughts on “Shelf Stable Non Dairy Tea Latte Fails

  1. I am lactose intolerant and rarely take ‘milk’ in my coffee but took a fancy a few months back. So boyfriend ordered a milk frother for me. I had success with: Alpro Soya Milk (sweet version), Alpro Almond Milk, Alpro Hazelnut Milk and total failure with own store brand of Coconut Milk (Asda). I don’t know if you get Alpro over there but they are good and froth well in my experience.

      1. Where are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

        Scotland is really good for vegan/gluten free/kosher/halal and other diets and diet needs. Very easy to pick up stuff.

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