Chocolate Milk For Tea Lattes

Latte Series - Can You Use Chocolate Milk For Tea Lattes

Tea lattes don’t just have to be made with milk or a non dairy alternative. With the right tea, chocolate milk makes an amazing tea latte. You do need a tea with a fair amount of flavour. One of my fave teas to use with chocolate milk is sadly discontinued, but DAVIDsTEA Fireside Mocha is rich and flavourful to still taste through the chocolate. A good lapsang souchong gives a nice smokey flavour and is strong enough to taste through the rich chocolate. Chai or other strong flavours would work too.

For a tea latte, make sure that your chocolate milk is fresh for the best froth. Use 1% or 2% for a creamy froth. Many of the chocolate coffee creamers are too heavy to froth well. They will get super creamy but not a true latte. I do find it needs a little longer than regular milk to get a creamy foam that holds as I drink my tea latte. The foam is thick enough to hold sprinkles or other latte decorations.

Best Teas for Chocolate Milk Tea Lattes From DAVIDsTEA

Latte Series - Can You Use Chocolate Milk For Tea Lattes 2

Any tea suitable for lattes will work, but chocolate milk pairs best with strong flavours as it can overpower weaker flavours. Look for a chai or dessert type tea or something with coffee or smokey flavours. Any plain black tea can be used too. Here are some of the best DAVIDsTEA options that are currently available.

  • Smores Chai
  • David’s Organic Chai
  • Chocolate Chili Chai
  • Organic Rooibos
  • Cinnamon Rooibos Chai
  • Vanilla Cappuccino
  • Chocolate Macaroon
  • Cardamom French Toast
  • Maple Syrup Oolong
  • Hot Chocolate
  • English Toffee
  • Coffee Pu’erh

It also pairs well with many of the minty holiday teas to make a mint chocolate flavour. Anything with too much mint seems to fizz away the milk though so test it before wasting all of your foamed milk on it. My Fireside Mocha chocolate milk tea latte is topped with some of my fave edible decorations from Bulk Barn!

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