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Inide Love and Light Project

If you are really into nail polish, you will know that it can be a fairly negative community at times. Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing people and the polishes are gorgeous, most people are super helpful, but lately it just doesn’t feel as close knit or positive. Indie Love & Light is an Indie Maker Project focused on re-establishing a positive, inclusive & loving indie community.

Paint it Pretty Polish - Go For It - Indie Love & Light - Bottle

Life has been pretty up and down for me over the past year and a bit and honestly, I left some nail groups because I didn’t need the extra drama in my life. So I am really happy to see someone try to bring that positivity back to the top of the community. They are looking at several ways to improve the community with charity polishes, random acts of kindness, positivity from makers and more.

Starting on August 23rd, you can get this gorgeous Paint it Pretty polish named ‘Go For It’ for $12 and an impressive $4 is donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

Paint it Pretty Polish Go For It Swatches (Indie Love & Light Charity Maker)

Paint it Pretty Polish - Go For It - Indie Love & Light - Swatch in Artificial Lighting 1

Go For It by Paint it Pretty is her contribution to Indie Love & Light starting on August 23rd. It is a medium blue with a gorgeous glowing flash of pink. I did need a third coat for full opacity but that is pretty typical for me. It is quite light dependent and catch it at the right angle, it also has a golden glow.

Paint it Pretty Polish - Go For It - Indie Love & Light - Swatch in Artificial Lighting 3

It is not just exclusive polishes, Indie Love & Light makers are also doing other things to encourage a better nail community. On top of the charity category, makers are also doing Random Acts of Kindness (and helping others do so too with RAOK listings) and other acts of positivity.

Paint it Pretty Polish is contributing in the following ways

  • Charity: Go For It Limited Edition Polish – $12 CAD with $4 donated to BBRF
  • Random Acts of Kindness: Discounted RAOK mystery polishes – from August 23rd to September 30th, purchase a RAOK listing at a discounted price to be sent to someone else. (If shopping for yourself, this must be purchased separately).
  • Positivity: Be The Girl Who Decided To Go For It – All orders from Aug 23rd-Sept 30 will get a small gift with an inspiration sticker. Sherri will also be donating to local shelters on top of the portion of proceeds going to BBRF

Paint it Pretty Polish - Go For It - Indie Love & Light - Swatch in Artificial Lighting 2

Paint it Pretty Polish’s Go For It (Indie Love & Light BBRF Limited Edition) Overview

  • Coats required:  3 coats for full opacity – worn with glossy top coat. Three coats is pretty normal for my nails but you can still see some visible nail line in bright light
  • Dry time:  Good but I find that all Paint it Pretty Polishes dry well on my nails.
  • Wear time: Great, I have been wearing this for a while with no chips. The brand does wear well on my nails in general.
  • Issues:  None
  • Colour: medium blue base with pink shift
  • Buy It: Limited Edition as part of the Indie Love & Light collaboration.  Available until Aug 23 – Sept 30 from the Paint it Pretty Polish Etsy store. $12 Canadian for full size only. $4 donated to Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

More about Indie Love & Light Charity Makers

Paint it Pretty Polish - Go For It - Indie Love & Light - Swatch in Artificial Lighting Closeup

There will be Indie Love & Light charity polishes available from

Plus many more makers are taking part in the other categories with additional giveaways, RAOKs and more. I can’t wait to see what the other makers are doing for Indie Love & Light so keep an eye on the hashtag #IndieLoveAndLight.

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