Alter Ego Golden Brilliance Swatches – Indie Expo Canada VIP Polish

alter Ego IEC VIP - Golden Brilliance - Bottle

Do you have a VIP pass to Indie Expo Canada? If so, you will find a bottle of Alter Ego Golden Brilliance hiding in your swag bag. If you are not aware, each year, Cynthia names her IEC Alter Ego polishes with the initials GB for Girly Bits and PH for Pam Heil who organizes the event.

Alter Ego Golden Brilliance is a champagne gold with a light holographic shimmer.  Sorry, no natural lighting swatches of this one. It was pouring rain the day I wore it. This one will not be available for purchase. Only VIP pass holders will receive a free bottle and it can be found in the swag bag.

Swatches of Alter Ego Golden Brilliance (Indie Expo Canada VIP 2019)

alter Ego IEC VIP - Golden Brilliance - Swatches

alter Ego IEC VIP - Golden Brilliance - Swatches

alter Ego IEC VIP - Golden Brilliance - Macro Swatches

see that holographic shimmer making this champagne polish extra special

Honestly, as someone who is fair and very cool toned, gold polishes are hard to wear. As nail art with a darker base, they are fine but they typically give me lobster hands from the yellow tones. So a champagne gold is perfect for me.

Alter Ego Golden Brilliance (Indie Expo Canada 2019 VIP Polish) Overview

  • Coats required:  2 coats for full opacity – worn with glossy top coat. I do have a third coat on my ring finger as my extra visible nail line was peeking though under the lights.
  • Dry time:  Good – nails were ready for next coat after all 10 painted and no dings later in the day
  • Wear time: Good, I wore this for 3 days before removal with no chipping but only had it on one nail for that long as I was testing 10 at once
  • Issues:  None
  • Colour: champagne gold with holographic shimmer
  • Buy It: Not available for purchase. Available to VIP Pass Holders of Indie Expo Canada 2019. Find it in your swag bag if you have a pass.

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