Top Picks for the Craftadian Made In Hamilton Show

Craftadian Made in Hamilton

Craftadian Made in Hamilton

You know I love Craftadian shows.  I can buy a load of scentsy etc online if I want it that badly but meeting and supporting local makers and discovering new products is where Craftadian excels.  I have been to a few shows where they have bigger vendors and you just don’t get that same connection as they don’t need the sales as much.  This Craftadian show is a little different as it is only featuring vendors from Hamilton and the surrounding areas.  Plus, this one is filled with some of my favourite vendors so I love the lineup.

I am going to share them in alphabetical order to be fair as I can’t decide which I love the most.  This is going to be a long one as I don’t think I have been this excited by a vendor lineup in quite a while.

A Little Leafy

A Little Leafy at the Craftadian Made in Hamilton Show

I am still not supposed to buy any mugs until I use all of the ones in the closet at least 5 times.  But I love A Little Leafy’s punny mugs and cards.  She has lots of tea themed ones too instead of being all about coffee.

Curly Ambition Co

Craftadian Mississauga Spring 2018 - Curly Ambition Co Wine Glass Review

With custom messages along with some staples, Curly Ambition Co has nice sized wine glasses with cute messages.  All of hers are stemless too, which is great as Daisy is obsessed with knocking stemmed glasses off tables.

De-Liz-cious! Treats

DeLizcious Treats

FUDGE! Well lots of treats but I grabbed a chocolate mint from De-Liz-cious! Treats last time I saw them at a show and left it on my desk.  Came back to about 1/4 of the tub left.

Ellingwood Soaps

Ellingwood Soap Co at Craftadian

A staple at Craftadian shows, Ellingwood Soap Co has a range of bath and skincare products made with sensitive skin in mind.  Their body scrub is amazing.

Holly Berry Body Care

HollyBerry Natural Skin and Body Care - Products

If I had to pick a favourite from the repeat vendors, it would be Holly Berry.  Mostly because she made manicure bombs for me.  But she has a large range of bath bombs, skincare and more at affordable prices.

Kitties and Cabernet

Kitties and Cabernet Paw Mug Jazzy

I haven’t seen Kitties and Cabernet at a local show in a while so nice to see her vending at the Made in Hamilton show.  She combines two of my favourite things, wine and cats for cute mugs, wine glasses, t-shirts and more.

Lunah Life

Lunah Skincare Canada Review

I fell in love with Lunah Life Citrus & Vanilla salt scrub at the last Craftadian I attended so great to see her back at the Made in Hamilton show.

Murphy’s Treats

Murphys Treats - Daisy

While these are geared towards dogs, my cats went insane for the rabbit ears and beef lung from Murphy’s Treats.  Like, had to be separated because they were fighting over them even though we had four insane.  All are single ingredient treats with no chemicals for your pet to ingest.

Small Batch Soaps

Small Batch Soaps - Canadian Indie Review - Soaps and Lip Balm

I mean, she has unicorn themed stuff so no big surprise that I love Small Batch Soaps.  I would give top picks but honestly, just buy it all.  The coffee bean soap is his favourite though and one of the few indie things he thinks are worth paying for as the kind of person who shops at Walmart for most things.

Getting out of the ones I have reviewed previously and loved, there are a few new to me(ish) vendors I am excited about.

Paint it Pretty Polish

Paint it Pretty Chick Magnet Swatches and Review

Yes! There is nail polish at this show.  Paint it Pretty is actually not new to me as she made me a custom polish last year and I have a bunch of polishes from her since.  But she is new to Craftadian.  She will have a range of polishes with her including the magnetic one I am wearing above, her Criminal Minds inspired collection and more.  Plus some one of a kinds you can pick up for the bargain price of $5 (if I don’t get to the bowl first and buy them all).

I know delving into the world of indie made polish can be a little scary.  The bigger brands are trusted for the chemicals used etc.  But hers are great quality and while she has a special of 3 for $25 (or $10 each), you save even more by not needing shipping.  And you get to see the colours in person.


Spa2Go Susan Greens Pot Head Shampoo Conditioner

One of the issues I have with friends is deciding on a spa if we want a girls day.  We all live a distance from each other and have local spas we all love.  But Spa2Go will come to you!  They use all natural products too.  I don’t think they will be doing any spa treatments at Craftadian but they will be showcasing their Susan Green range of natural products including the Pot Head shampoo I got to try ahead of the show.

The shampoo and conditioner worked well.  While they are on the pricier side at $30 per bottle, they are large bottles and I only needed a little so the bottle will last.  It will last even longer as he has claimed it as “his” and his hair is obviously a lot shorter than mine.

Also on my list to check out are

  • HamOnt Thrones who make cat condos, because you know, my cats are not at all spoiled.
  • CAKEbar – because I need a sweet treat to decide on what to buy at these things!
  • Go Fluff Yourself – because the name alone!

Attend Craftadian Made in Hamilton Show!

Want to attend?  Craftadian is on tomorrow at McMaster Innovation Park on Longwood near Main.  It starts at 10am but get there early as the first 50 families get a swag bag.  Tickets are $5 for adults, free for kids.  Full details here.

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