Paint It Pretty Polish Chick Magnet (Magnetic Collection)

I have had this collection since Indie Expo Canada in early June and it has been killing me not to share it with you.  These are so pretty.  Plus lots of purple tones so you know… instant love.  Paint It Pretty will release her new Magnetic Collection on July 20th.  They are just $11 CAD each, a great price for indies as it is under $9US!  I decided to share them separately as some are very pic heavy to show all of the shifts.  So starting with Paint It Pretty Chick Magnet!

Paint it Pretty Chick Magnet Swatch and Reviews

Paint It Pretty Polish Chick Magnet Swatches & Review

Chick Magnet by Paint it Pretty Polish is a magnetic multichrome.  It is primarily green and purple but has blue and pink shifts in there too.  This one is just gorgeous.  The magnetic line holds well and it is so shifty and sparkles in the sun.

Paint it Pretty Chick Magnet Swatch and Review

Paint it Pretty Polish Chick Magnet tends to show more green indoors but when you get this blue and purple shift under lights…  Seriously.  I wore this on a day full of his doctor’s appointments and while waiting 2 hours in hospital waiting rooms, looking at it made me happy.

Paint it Pretty Chick Magnet Swatches and Review

It does have a bit of a shimmery look to it, as is normal for magnetics as the particles move with magnet use.  I did not use a black base for my swatches and only used the magnet on the top coat.  You could do it over black or use the magnet each time for even more effect.

Paint it Pretty Chick Magnet Swatch and Review - Natural Light

Bonus shot in natural light to show the effect it has without blogger lights!  But this one really is nice under even normal indoor lighting.

In sunlight, this polish actually made people stop and ask what was on my nails.  So sparkly, shifty and the magnetic lines show well.

Paint It Pretty Polish Chick Magnet (Magnetic Collection) Overview

  • Coats required:  Two thin coats and one thicker coat with magnet used (can be done over black base)
  • Dry time:  Good, nails were dry enough for the second coat after finishing the first
  • Wear time: Good, I wore this for three days with top coat before removing.
  • Issues:  None.
  • Colour: Magnetic multichrome with green, purple, blue and pink shifts.
  • Buy It: Direct from Paint It Pretty on Etsy – Available July 20th ($11 for 15ml)

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