The Body Shop Advent Calendar Faves

Top Picks From The Body Shop 2017 Beauty Advent Calendar

So much went on in December and while I mentioned some of these in my previous post and social media, I thought I would share some of my favourites from The Body Shop’s 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar.  Some are regular buys for me so great to have a back up while others are ones I have never tried before. I got the basic 24 day calendar, the cheapest of the options so it was nice to get some products I loved in it.

Top Picks From The Body Shop 2017 Beauty Advent Calendar - Skincare Tools

My skin has been so dry lately so these Bath Gloves to exfoliate were a nice treat. My old ones are nowhere near as rough anymore.  Red seems to have been a special colour for Christmas as not available online.  At $6 these made that advent calendar a little more worth it.

Also $6, the gentle exfoliating Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge was an instant hit.  Daisy had stolen my fave Konjac sponge the day before I opened this so perfectly timed too.  The shape of the sponge helps clean in creases around your nose and eyes and is a great size.

The Body Shop Hand Creams

Top Picks From The Body Shop 2017 Beauty Advent Calendar - Hand Creams

I am already a big fan of The Body Shop’s hand creams so these are just purse sized backups for me. I prefer the Almond one over Coconut.  The Coconut Hand Cream has a slightly lighter formula.  Still provides great moisture but the thicker Almond one works better for me in winter.  He has the Coconut one so the Almond one stays safely in my purse!  The Body Shop also has a great Argan Oil one if you are picking them up.

White Musk & British Rose

Top Picks From The Body Shop 2017 Beauty Advent Calendar - Skincare

I have been pretty home sick lately so maybe that played into these picks a little.  White Musk is my mum’s go to scent.  I have already used the entire travel sized bottle of lotion.  While British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter is a great pick me up to think of warmer months with blooming flowers.  A nice change from the snow and ice of weeks past.

Makeup Faves

Top Picks From The Body Shop 2017 Beauty Advent Calendar - Makeup

The Body Shop’s Kohl Eye Definer is one I have used for years.  It is one of a few that last on my waterline and when on sale, certainly the most affordable of the ones I regularly use for the waterline.  It isn’t necessarily my fave for regular eyeliner.  I rarely use a pencil for that anyway but it is not super black and seems to get a greenish tinge later in the day.  But on my lower line, lasts ages!  Only the black one though.  The coloured ones do not have the same staying power and only the regular one, not the smokey/smudged or duo liners.

I am not sure if I would buy the Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover but it was still a fave.  I was sick and my face was raw from blowing my nose, it really was super gentle while still removing makeup well.  My eyes were running all day from in the cold weather but this did not irritate them at all and I didn’t have to scrub despite being too lazy to use an oil remover ahead of it.  I am back to my regular oil and remover now but it worked well.

Did you get an Advent Calendar from The Body Shop?  Which products did you love?  Do you have any long time faves you can’t live without?

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