7 Tea Accessories You Need From The Chapters-Indigo Winter-Holiday Release

7 winter holiday tea accessories you need from Chapters-Indigo - 2017 Gift Guide

I love Chapters and Indigo stores for teaware.  We all know books and tea go together but they do an amazing job of cute, well made mugs and accessories.  The holiday-winter collection is out (and currently 25% off).  So what is on my list?  It is not like I need more mugs, but lots of them because winter stuff is cute.  Most of it is not super holiday related so will last you through the season.  Not that I haven’t used a Halloween mug in April but you know…

Falling Confetti Tea Pot Set For One (Buy It)

Chapters-Indigo Tea Lovers Gift Guide - Tea For One Tea Pot Set

I have piles of these tea pots for one sets and rarely use them but just keep buying them.  This glass one though will look super cute on the blog and shows the tea.  So I need it right?  It has a gold and silver falling confetti design on the tea pot, which includes an infuser.  The mug says “every little is needed to make a happy day”.  I think it could have a better slogan but can’t have everything.    The teapot is a generous 18oz but the mug only holds about 6oz.  So refills needed but great for trying those sample pack teas.  At $39.50, it is a bit pricy but their home stuff is always on sale.

Smells Like Snow Double Wall Glass Mug & Perfect Tea Mug

Chapters-Indigo Tea Lovers Gift Guide - Smells Like Snow Glass Double Wall Mug and Perfect Mug

Chapters-Indigo make great Perfect Tea Mugs.  They are usually a little smaller than a DAVIDsTEA Nordic at 15 oz but the quality of the design seems to last much longer.  The new “Smells Like Snow” winter/holiday design features blue, grey and white trees with gold text.  Choose between a double walled glass mug for $15 or the Smells Like Snow Perfect Tea mug for $22.50.   The glass mug holds almost 12oz, similar to a DT Perfect Mug.  I think I prefer it even without the infuser as the extra dimension of the text and image being separate looks cuter.

Tea Is Always A Good Idea Tumbler (Buy It)

Chapters-Indigo Tea Lovers Gift Guide - Tea Is Always A Good Idea Tumbler

Tea IS always a good idea.  This tumbler only holds 9.5oz which is small. But it makers up for it by being super cute.  With a falling blue and hold design and glass with bamboo exterior, I love the look.  It has a small infuser and double wall design to keep your tea hot and hands cool.  I just wish it was a little bigger but still want one anyway! At $28 regular price, this is already on sale for $21 so pick it up for less now!

Falling Confetti Pink Perfect Tea Mug & Simple Tea Set

Chapters-Indigo Tea Lovers Gift Guide - Pink Falling Confetti Tea Set and Perfect Tea Mug

Can you tell that I like the falling confetti look?  These pink ones are a bit girly but so cute.  Choose between a 15oz Perfect Tea Mug with stainless steel infuser basket for $22.50.  Or the Simple Tea Set which has a smaller 10oz mug with a teapot shaped infuser and ceramic spoon on a wooden serving tray for $24.50 – the perfect gift for a tea lover to keep at work.

Embossed Owl Mug (Buy It)

Chapters-Indigo Tea Lovers Gift Guide - Owl My Weekend Is All Booked Mug

Last, but not least, you need something book themed from Chapters-Indigo right?  This cute embossed owl themed mug gives you winter, tea and reading all in one.  I mean an owl with a scarf and book!!  The mug holds 13oz and features raised elements that give it a dimensional look and feel.  At only $14 regular price, it is the cheapest on my list and works for coffee drinkers too.


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  1. I love these! Some of those mugs are exactly what I’m looking for. I want a mug with an infuser and a lid! Because my tea always gets cold before I can finish it!

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