CND Creative Play Skymazing Swatches & Review

CND Creative Play Skymazing from Sunset Bash Collection - Bottle Shot

The only pearl finish polish in the Sunset Bash collection, Skymazing is a light sky blue with a delicate silver shimmer.  It has surprisingly good opacity for a lighter shade and is opaque in two coats.  The shimmer is barely there but gives this beautiful polish a glossy shiny finish with no added texture.

CND Creative Play Skymazing from Sunset Bash Collection - Open Bottle and Brush

As with all Creative Play polishes, Skymazing comes in a 13.6ml round bottle with a medium sized brush.  The Creative Play advanced brush designed with nearly 400 bristle ends to allow for precision and smooth application. I like that it gives precision while not being as small as Essie’s brushes.  The micronized pigments deliver smooth, uniform application, high gloss, and richly saturated color.

CND Creative Play Skymazing Swatches (Sunset Bash Collection)

CND Creative Play Skymazing from Sunset Bash Collection - Swatch - Artificial Light

Artificial Lighting

CND Creative Play Skymazing from Sunset Bash Collection - Swatch - Shade

Natural Lighting – Shade

CND Creative Play Skymazing from Sunset Bash Collection - Swatch - Sunlight

Afternoon Sun

Skymazing shows quite differently depending on lighting conditions.  Indoors, it has an almost lavender tinge to it and the shimmer shows under bright lighting.  In shade, it is a lovely and delicate blue.  While the shimmer takes away from any potential chalkyness in this pastel blue, it is barely noticeable.  In bright sunlight, Skymazing shows as a vibrant sky blue with a shimmer like the sun on water.  A beautiful shade that I will be using a lot this summer!

All swatches shown with two coats of Skymazing using CND Creative Play base coat and top coat.  Dry time is fairly quick on both the base and colour coats.  The top coat is fairly quick drying for a regular top coat, but not a quick dry top coat like Seche Vite.  This also means that you do not have the shrinkage issues of a fast drying top coat.

Can You Stamp With CND Creative Play Skymazing?

Do They Stamp - CND Creative Play Barefoot Bash - Party Royally - Skymazing

Shown on the far right, Skymazing is a little sheer for stamping but still shows better than many non-stamping polishes.  It still shows relatively well over both black and white and the shimmer still shows.  It would work well for a delicate look but does not stamp as well as the other blue toned shades in the collection.

CND Creative Play Sunset Bash Collection

See the rest of the CND Creative Play Sunset Bash collection here.  These polishes retail for $8.50 and no pro license is required.  You can get them at select stores selling CND as well as online stockists.

CND Creative Play Swatches - Skymazing Swatches

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