Bulk Barn Oolong Orange Tea Review

Bulk Barn Oolong Orange  Tea Review - Brewed Loose Tea with Oranges

As I mentioned last week, I am reviewing one of my new favourite Bulk Barn teas – Oolong Orange.  There are not many places you can pick up 100g of loose tea for around $4 and even less so for an Oolong tea.  So I was excited to try this one.  I picked up a sample sized bag of 25g under $1 using one of the weekly coupons for spending $10 and recommend you wait for a coupon to buy.

Bulk Barn Oolong Orange Tea – Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

Bulk Barn Oolong Orange Tea Review - Loose Tea with Oranges

Ingredients: Oolong tea with orange flavouring, flowers.

Steeping instructions: 1 rounded teaspoon per oz freshly boiled water, steep for 3-4 minutes.

Bulk Barn Oolong Orange Tea Review - Loose Tea Spoon

Out of the bag, this smells amazing.  More orange than it tastes too so don’t be put off by the smell if you don’t like a strong citrus flavour.  The Oolong is on the lighter side and decent quality for the price.  At just $4.08 for 100g it is clearly not going to be a high quality Oolong like my all time fave DAVIDsTEA Ruby Oolong.

Bulk Barn Oolong Orange Tea Review - Brewed Loose Tea Colour

Once brewed, it has a light crisp orange flavour with a light Oolong flavour.  The orange is flavouring rather than natural but there does seem to be some orange peel in the mix.  A small amount of sweetener helps give it a smoother flavour but it is good straight too.  For the price, definitely worth buying (I already have a new 100g bag of it).  Surprisingly, there is little tartness from the orange but unlike some more expensive Oolongs, it doesn’t second steep well.

Bulk Barn Oolong Orange Tea Review - Steeping Loose Tea

Bulk Barn have a fairly big selection of teas dependent on location.  Not DAVIDsTEA big but more than you would find in other bulk stores.  You may need to search around for a while to find a store that works for you.  They store the tea in clear plastic bins similar to the ones for spices.  So they are not dark or airtight and freshness can be an issue.  One of the stores near me sells a lot of tea while the other doesn’t and you can tell in the taste of the tea.  So if you find they are not fresh at one store, check another before giving up!

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