Canada Day Nails #NOTD

Canada Day Nailart Nail of the Day

Canada Day needs matching nails for the celebrations, so I thought I would give you a look at my Canada Day look.

  • Base: Essie Blanc
  • Accent Nails: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet
  • Nail Decals: Canada Day Maple Leafs from NailFun2U on Etsy

It has been a long week and I do not have the patience to try hand-painting a maple leaf, especially using my left hand to paint a matching leaf on my dominant hand, so I am glad I picked up these Canada Day nailart decals on etsy a while back.  The Canadian Beauty Bloggers will be focusing on Canadian brands in July and I was going to use them in some of those blogs, but they are perfect for today.

Canada Day Nailart Nail of the Day

If you are not familiar with nail decals, you cut them out, staying as close to the design as possible.  Then place them in water until the plastic decal slides off the paper, which takes less than 30 seconds.  You then place on nail and use top coat to seal it in place.  The great thing about waterslide decals is you can move them carefully until you are happy with them.  It is easier to place them in the water since they fold when you remove them, so moving them across the nail before sealing is a great advantage.

These Canada Day nail decals are similar to the full sheet Love Notes I used from Quo by Orly but you cut around the pattern and have to soak the decal before placing on the nail.   The result is that it is harder to get rid of the little air bubbles, as you can see on my thumb.  It is barely noticeable from further away, but if you are a perfectionist, may annoy you a bit.

I think I may buy some waterslide deal paper and try making my own decals, will make for lots of future nailart posts.

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3 thoughts on “Canada Day Nails #NOTD

    1. It was my first time using them too, the Quo ones are a little easier to use but would love to get the sheets and make my own

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