Tealish Fairy Dust Iced Tea Review

Tealish Fairy Dust Iced Tea Loose Tea with Packaging

The warmer weather means more iced tea and less hot tea.  Tealish have released a set of iced teas available in 35g bags through Avon.  it can be hard to know what will work for a great iced tea, especially if you don’t drink a lot of hot teas so having both ingredients perfect for iced tea and steeping instructions for iced is great.  I will be reviewing the three teas available through Avon, but just because of the name,[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Mojito Review (May Tea of the Month)

DavidsTea Raspberry Mojito Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Reviews

Raspberry Mojito was included in my Cocktail Mixer Teas set but is not strictly part of the Cocktail Collection.  It was released a week earlier as the May tea of the month. Another tea that is a re-release but a different formula, or at least chopped up smaller.  Maybe it is just the mix in the small tin I received.  The one last year had slices of lime and bigger leaf.  Looking for the old DAVIDsTA Raspberry Mojito from 2016[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Mudslide Review (Cocktail Collection)

DavidsTea Mudslide Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Review - Loose Tea

Maybe it is my feelings on coffee but Mudslide doesn’t seem to suit the collection.  The other three teas in the Cocktail Collection, plus Raspberry Mojito in the Cocktail Mixer set are all summery fruity teas and then there is the heavier Mudslide.  The only tea without apple, the only blend with a tea in it and the one that is best hot or as a latte.  I mean they had so many to choose from, I would have loved something[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Sangria Tea Review (Cocktail Collection)

DavidsTea Sparkling Sangria Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Reviews

We can’t get enough wine from the Cocktail Collection!  DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Sangria is just asking to be made into a teapop.  Like most of the collection, best served as an iced tea.  DAVIDsTEA previously had a Sangria tea that was very popular but this is a different mix so I was interested to try it.  Personally, I was not a huge fan of the old tea but I like Sparkling Sangria.  So don’t be afraid to try it if you[Read more]

Tealish Good Energy Tea Review

Tealish Good Energy Tea Review

Avon recently started selling a small selection Tealish teas to go with their amazing new teaware including this adorable elephant mug that I use way more than I should.  Since my elephant mugs are blue and orange inside, I got Tealish Good Energy and Delicious Detox to match them.  If you missed it, I already reviewed Delcious Detox here.  Like it, Tealish Good Energy is from their Wellness Collection which has been around for a while. Tealish is a Toronto[Read more]