DAVIDsTEA Sour Appletini Tea Review (Cocktail Collection)

DavidsTea Sour Appletini Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Review

There is something oh so fun about drinking tea out of a martini glass. I mean, not practical since you drink more tea than alcohol (or at least should) but fun.  DAVIDsTEA Sour Appletini is another herbal/fruit infusion from the Cocktail Collection.  Personally, I would have loved for this to have a green colour, or a white/clear apple type colour rather than the beetroot red but it still tastes amazing.  But I do love a tart green apple taste so[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Rosé All Day Review (Cocktail Collection)

DavidsTea Rosé All Day Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Review 2

You know I am usually the first to complain about the amount of apple DAVIDsTEA uses as well as artificial flavouring but the Cocktail Collection has a fair bit of both and I was impressed with some of them.  The first of the teas I am sharing is Rosé All Day, a tea that will be a summer staple for me.  It is best served as an iced tea and has a lovely wine aftertaste.  I don’t think it tastes exactly[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Cocktail Collection Overview – May 2017 Release

DavidsTea Cocktail Collection Teas - Rose All Day, Sparkling Sangria, Raspberry Mojito and Sour Appletini 3

I thought that the new collections from DAVIDsTEA were meant to be slowing down, but they came out with the Cocktail Collection this week and another release scheduled for the end of the month!  I will have reviews of each of the DAVIDsTEA Cocktail Collection over the next few days, but for those who want to buy now, here are very quick mini  reviews! The DAVIDsTEA Cocktail Collection includes five teas.  The four shown here plus Mudslide which is not[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Jasmine Creme Brulee Review (Macaron Collection)

DavidsTea Jasmine Creme Brulee Tea Review 3

I know, DAVIDsTEA Jasmine Creme Brulee tea from the Macaron collection is already in the retired section and was limited edition.  Life has been crazy and I really like this one so am sharing it anyway as it may come back at some point.  I have had the notes and pictures for this collection sitting in my files since the day after they were released!  I can’t believe I have not shared them yet. DAVIDsTEA Jasmine Creme Brulee promises a[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Meringue Tea Review (Macaron Collection)

DavidsTea Raspberry Meringe Tea Review Header

I know, it is sold out in Canada already and with good reason.  After not loving the Malt Shop collection, I almost did not try the Macaron Collection which launched just weeks after it.  Jasmine Creme Brulee, Cantaloupe Ice and Raspberry Meringue were all delicious in comparison so I am glad I tried them.  Even if my review is ridiculously late.  If nothing else, I like the photos and can hope these three teas make a comeback! DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Meringue[Read more]