DavidsTea Hot Chocolate Tea Latte Recipe

Davids Tea Hot Chocolate Tea Latte

Behind tea and nail polish, chocolate comes a close third so I love DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate tea.  Sadly it is a limited edition for the winter collection and will disappear after Christmas despite my pleas to keep it around.  The colder weather just begs for yummy frothy warm drinks, but drinking hot chocolate every day is hardly good for the waistline so my hot chocolate tea latte recipe has become my go to evening drink on cold days.

Tea Tuesday: Rishi Tangerine Ginger Tea Review

Rishi Tangerine Ginger Tea - Loose Leaf

I have not posted about tea in so long, so a new tea for Tea Tuesday!   Rishi Tangerine Ginger Herbal Tea combines roots, fruits and herbs to create an uplifting, bold-flavored vitality tonic. Rishi Tangerine Ginger Tea Ginger and licorice invigorate, while rosehips and tangerine refresh with their bright succulence. Wild-harvested schizandra berry bestows an exotic layer of aromatic complexity. This rejuvenating, adaptogenic berry is harvested at its peak ripeness to lend tart cranberry and citrus accents to this vibrant[Read more]

DAVIDs Tea Aladdin Travel Mug

It is one of those things I just have to have, now I can take my tea with me in the morning without letting it steep before I leave so I can dump the tea leaves before they sit in there too long! The Aladdin Travel Mug From Davids Tea You just fill the basket and once steeped, pull the lever, the basket lifts and hides in the lid and you can drink your tea without it getting bitter.  It[Read more]