Purple Nail Art For #CBBNov With A England Angel Grace

A England Angel Grace CBBNov Purple Nails Prompt

Halfway through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers #CBBNov challenge and the prompt for this weekend is purple. We have already covered plaid, wine, poppies and stamping.  Some of these are obviously easier for nail bloggers but there are some makeup looks too. For purple, I started with a base of A England’s Angel Grace which is an orchid purple scattered holo.  Topped with double stamping of the same spilled paint stain type image from Pueen’s Nature Lover 02 plate using Mundo[Read more]

Nail Stamping With A England In Robe & Crown #CBBNov

CBBNov Stamping Prompt - A England In Robe and Crown - BP Gold - Pueen Geo Lover 02 plate - Swatch

I prefer challenges I can actually keep up with and #CBBNov seems to be working for me with just two prompts a week.  Today, we are doing stamping.  Easier for us nail bloggers than the regular beauty bloggers, but I am hoping to see some eyeliner stamping and similar reviews from them! Today is lazy nail art because I used the polish I was already wearing and just added stamping.  My base is two coats of A England In Robe[Read more]

Monochrome Plaid Nails #CBBNov

CBBNov Plaid Nails - Quo Runway Ready - Pueen Geo Lover 02 - Black White Double Stamping - 2

We have a new challenge over at the Canadian Beauty Bloggers.  This month, we are going to be sharing some makeup and nail looks with various prompts.  Check #CBBNov to see all of the other looks.  The prompt for Day 1 is Plaid and I went for a monochrome look rather than more traditional plaid colours. Starting with a base of Quo Runway Ready, I stamped the plaid design from Pueen’s Geo Lover 02 plate using MoYou White Knight and Mundo de Unas[Read more]

Half Moon Nail Art For #31DC2016

31DC2016 Half Moons Cirque Dear Dahlia

Day 18 of #31DC2016 is half moon nail art.  I rarely wear half moon nails, just not a fan of the look personally but it seemed like it should be simple.  Everyone uses those hole punch protector stickers so I set out to Dollarama and then Staples in search of them but everywhere is either sold out or do not sell them since seemingly people do not use them??  A helpful worker in Dollarama pointed out some Halloween stickers that[Read more]

Avon Lavender Sky Geometric Design #31DC2016

31DC2016 Day 16 - Geometric Swatch - Avon Lavender Sky and MdU Fantasy - Pueen Geo Lover 02

Keeping the geometric prompt for the 31 day nail art challenge fairly simple as I wanted to keep the last two looks on as long as possible.  Luckily, I own a Pueen stamping plate called Geo Lover 02 making it an easy choice for today.  It looks so plain after using multiple polishes for flowers and delicate print but works with a bulkier stamping image. Polishes used in my look: Avon Gel Finish Lavender Sky Mundo de Unas Fantasy Pueen Geo[Read more]