Easy St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Ideas

St Patricks Day Nail Art - Stamp Macro

My Irish grandma would probably shudder at the cheesey-ness of Irish flags on my nails, she would let us wear green ribbons in our hair and remind us that we were Irish every day, not just on St. Patrick’s Day but any excuse for some nail art! I have three simple nail art looks for you including some easy to apply shamrock nail decorations from Dollarama. Irish Flag Themed St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Zoya Beatrix (Pixie Dust) Zoya Logan[Read more]

Pi Day Nail Art

pi day nail art swatches canada

Clearly my blog doesn’t agree with daylight savings and decided to take yesterday off leaving a post hidden away, so you get two nail polish posts today!  Since it is Pi Day, it has to be Pi themed nails and a cute Born Pretty text plate I bought before Christmas happens to have Pi symbols so I thought an easy stamping look would be perfect. Pi Day Nail Art Polishes & Tools Zoya Daul polish Mo You London White Knight[Read more]

Essence Nail Art Stampy Set

Essence Stampy Nail Art Set - Whats In The Box

Nail stamping can be an expensive habit so I was interested when I saw Essence’s Nail Art stampy set at Shoppers Drug Mart for only $5.  It seemed like it would be good for starting out and for people who are not sure if stamping is for them.  I picked up the be creative (01) kit which was the only one currently available. Stamping is fairly straight forward and the box does have instructions with a link to the video.  They have[Read more]

How To Prime A Nail Stamp Head With A Magic Eraser

Prime Stamp With Magic Eraser - Eraser and Stamp

I have been interested in using a Magic Eraser to prime a stamp head for ages after seeing it on youtube but since all of my stamp heads were stamping perfectly, I didn’t want to risk ruining one trying.  So when I picked up a new stamp recently to try out and it stamped terribly, it was the perfect time to try out that Magic Eraser that has been sitting in my polish drawer for months. Usually, I have primed a[Read more]

MoYou London Nail Art Stamping Kits Review

MoYou Festive Collection Nail Art Stamping Plate Set Trade Secrets Canada

I may have done a happy dance when I heard that Trade Secrets would be selling MoYou products in Canada.  My friends back home love them but with shipping and taxes at the border, they are pricey and many you find online are knockoffs and not etched as well. Nail stamping kits in stores are actually quite hard to find.  I like to look at what I am buying so it was great to see them in-store as well as online[Read more]