Mariposa Nail Polish – The Coloured Foils

Mariposa Nail Polish Foils Dollarama Packaging

While I am all for four free (or even 8-free now) nail polishes, they typically come with a high price tag.  I have been with friends shopping and spent $15 on a single bottle of nail polish while they roll their eyes and carry on with their $3 bottles of Sinful Colors or Sally Hansen.  So an an affordable beauty buy review today.  I have a collection of six foil like minis from Mariposa found in Dollarama for just $3.[Read more]

How Many White Nail Polishes Do You Need?

White Nail Polishes essie essence sally hansen

As I took photos of the latest Essence Mountain Calling collection, my boyfriend asked me “how any white nail polishes do you need?”. While I am impressed he can even tell that the bottle is not the same each time, the answer is, not as many as he thinks I have but a few.  I rummaged through all of my nail polishes and while I have some older ones I no longer use (now purged from the collection) and some[Read more]

Nail Girls Do Movember

THEFACESHOP LovelyMeEx 03 Fashion Item Trend Nail Stickers Movember Mauvember Swatch over Picture Polish New York

While Movember is a very worthy cause, a beauty blogger willing to let that lip fuzz go for the month will be rare.  This year, Bite came to the rescue for us beauty lovers, with a Mauvember shade with all proceeds going to Movember.

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Nail Polish Swatches

essence good girl bad girl nail polish swatches collection

While I already posted the two sets of polishes with duplicate names from the Essence Good Girl Bad Girl, Hello Sweetheart and Once I Was An Angel, there are four more polishes in this collection.  These polishes all have different effects so none are plain old creme polishes. It Wasn’t Me is a glitter effect, Who Am I? is a porcelain effect, Caught In The Middle is a leather effect and Good Girls Wear Peach is a sugar pearl effect.  While[Read more]

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Once I Was An Angel Swatches

Essence Once I Was An Angel Snake & Glitter Swatches & Review Essence Good Girl Bad Girl

As previously mentioned, the Essence Good Girl Bad Girl collection features two sets of polishes with the same name.  Hello Sweetheart is available as both a metallic polish and effect coat while Once I Was An Angel is available in snake effect polish and an effect coat.