Color Club Serene Green Mood Polish Swatches and Nail Art

Color Club Serene Green Nail Art

Possibly my favourite from the collection, Color Club Serene Green is not very serene nor green.  This thermal mood polish transitions from teal when warm to indigo-purple when cold.  As you can see on the brush, a nice opaque formula.  Still needs two coats for full opacity but it is beautiful.  Unlike some of the others. the bottle colours are not very indicative of how it will look on the nail.  The cold state leans darker than the bottle while[Read more]

Color Club Feelin’ Myself Mood Polish Swatches & Nailart

Color Club Mood Polish Feelin' Myself - stamped with BMXL17 - transition

I seem to be on a bit of a pink kick lately which is weird for me as I rarely wear pink.  But Color Club Mood Polish in Feelin’ Myself changes to purple and you know I love a good purple.  This shade has a great formula, none of the brush stroke issues I experienced with Extra Vert from the same collection and completely opaque in two coats. Warm state of Color Club Mood Polish in Feelin’ Myself Transitioning state[Read more]

Color Club Extra Vert Mood Polish Swatches & Nail Art

Color Club Extra Vert Sea Themed Nails

I recently got my hands on the Color Club Mood Changing Polishes and since my BM-XL25 plate had just arrived with its sea and wave designs, Extra Vert with a beautiful blue to pale green transition was top of my list to try.  Color Club Extra Vert Mood Changing Polish seems pretty opaque on the brush but leaves some bald spots so required two coats with a thicker second coat for full opacity.  Due to the thicker coat, dry time[Read more]

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Street Flair (559) Swatches & Review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 559 Street Flair Swatches Full Sunlight

Another Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Street Flair brought me back to the same great formula of the first one I tried, Frill Seeker.  Street Flair is an older shade and was released a few years ago but has managed to stay part of the main lineup so you can tell this dusty purple is a fan fave.  For some reason, this shade dries slower than any of the other Miracle Gel polishes I have tried.  Not super slow, just slower some[Read more]

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel World Wide Red (409) Swatches and Review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 409 World Wide Red - Swatch Sunlight

After mixed results with Frill Seeker and Rosey Riviter, I tried out Sally Hansen Miracle Gel World Wide Red next.  It has an almost crelly formula.  Much less opaque than either of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes I tried previously but not quite jelly either.  This red has a touch of coral in it.  Not enough to be a coral, just not quite a true red either.  It leans slightly more orange than my photos show, but that could[Read more]