Prevent Your Nail Polish From Chipping and Peeling

how to stop your nail polish chipping and peeling off

I have probably mentioned this hundreds of times, but I am hard on my nails.  Yes, I love my nail polish and probably change the colour and design 4 times a week but part of this is necessity.  My nails and I do not always get along and no matter how careful I am, the polish on my index fingers chips easily or just peels away as an entire sheet.  On the rare occasions I do want to wear the[Read more]

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand-Off

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free Hand Cream Hand Off

Have you tried Neutrogena Norwegian Formula fragrance free hand cream?  I will admit to not taking care of my hands as well as I should and my skin suffers the consequences.  Between the amount of acetone I use cleaning up nail art or polish, changing my polish almost daily or deciding to swatch 10 polishes in a day, my hands and cuticles are usually not happy with me. You have probably noticed that I have reviewed various hand creams lately and[Read more]

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack - Packaging

My nails take a real beating with my addiction to nail polish.  Between swatching, nail art and general painting my nails every day because who wants to wear the same colour?  My nails and cuticles are always desperate for a little TLC and THEFACESHOP’s nail pack provides that much needed blast of moisture.  You can pick up a Milk Calcium nail pack for dry rough fingernails or Paraffin nail pack for brittle nails. Now I am fully aware that soaking your[Read more]

Sally Hansen 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser

I am hard on my nails, even more so on my cuticles.  I envy the nail bloggers who post photos of their immaculate looking nails.  No cuticles, perfect manicures and pretty polishes.  Sadly, that isn’t the case for many of us and we have to work hard just to make our cuticles look tidy. Gold has become the new it thing in beauty products.  Gold in beauty products can help stimulate collagen, boost elasticity and increase firmness.  These are all must[Read more]

When Bad Habits & Anxiety Collide

I have dealt with anxiety since I was a teenager, I can have issues even getting ready to go out and meet friends.  I know it is completely unfounded the majority of the time but it causes me stress, insomnia and encourages my nervous bad habits. We have an important event at work today.  I was scheduled to attend as a guest of my boss, just enjoy lunch and chat with some clients.  I have met the clients before and[Read more]